Report: Trump May Be Considering TUCKER CARLSON As Running Mate


by Steve Watson, Modernity News:

Donald Trump could be considering asking Tucker Carlson to be his running mate, according to a report that claims a source close to the former President says his wife is pushing for it.

Axios claims that the ousted Fox News presenter, currently getting unprecedented traction with his show on X is a frontrunner for Trump on the 2024 ticket.

The source cited in the article claims that Melania Trump believes Carlson would be “a powerful onstage extension of her husband.”


Just last month Trump’s asked about potentially teaming up with Tucker, to which he responded “I like Tucker a lot. I guess I would. I think I’d say I would because he’s got great common sense. You know when they say that ‘you guys are conservative’ or ‘I’m conservative.’ It’s not that we’re conservative. We have common sense. We want to have safe borders. We want to have a wall because walls work.”

Carlson himself stated recently that he “became a Trump supporter” after the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago last summer.

“That just can’t stand,” Carlson stated, adding “I agree with Trump on a lot, but even if I disagreed with Trump on a lot, I’d still be a Trump supporter because you cannot allow the regime, the President of the United States, to use the Justice Department to knock the frontrunner out of the race. You can’t do that.”

He continued, “It’s a question of, you know, do you want to live in a free country with a functioning justice system? So, I’m voting for Trump. And if they convict him, I will send him the max donations and I will lead protests.”

Meanwhile, Carlson just dropped a lengthy interview with Alex Jones, which has prompted Elon Musk to state he will “hear him out” and decide on whether Jones should be reinstated on X.

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