NZ Authorities Arrest & Charge Whistleblower Who Exposed COVID Vaccine Deaths


by Jake Welch, The National Pulse:

New Zealand authorities have arrested and charged a Health New Zealand (Te Whatu Ora) statistician turned whistleblower who exposed the staggering number of deaths caused by the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Barry Young, 56, arrested on Sunday afternoon, faces up to seven years in prison after being charged with “accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes” in a Wellington court on Monday morning.


He revealed in a Rumble documentary by FreeNZ Media, entitled M.O.A.R. (Mother of All Revelations), that thousands of deaths caused by the COVID-19 vaccine had been recorded by the country’s government.  Young, who was able to access New Zealand’s vaccine data as a result of his position, analyzed the ratio between each batch of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines and deaths.

He exposed that 152 out of the 711 people – 21.38 percent – who received a vaccine from “Batch ID 1” subsequently died as a result. This was followed by 17.19 percent of the 221 people from “Batch ID 8” died, 15.48 percent of the 221 people from “Batch ID 3,” 10.16 percent of the 364 from “Batch ID 4,” 10.04 percent of the 1006 people from “Batch ID 6,” and 9.63 percent of the 1018 people from Batch ID 2, among other batches.

He went on to highlight that the chances of the vaccine batches not being a killer are one “hundred billion to one.” “If you look at the underlying mortality rate, and then you look at the ratio percentage here, [Batch ID 1], the chances of that occurring naturally… is almost impossible.”

During his arraignment, the courtroom was filled with supporters who stood and clapped Young for his bravery in exposing the information. The presiding District Court Judge Andrew Nicholls threatened those in attendance, telling  them “any more disruption and I’ll ask you to leave.”

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