Nolte: Democrat-run San Francisco Faces Worst Year Ever of Overdose Deaths


by John Nolte, Breitbart:

Democrat-run San Francisco is facing its deadliest year in history for drug overdoses. During the full month of August — all 31 days — San Francisco was hit with an overdose death every nine hours.

Well, this is what happens when you vote for Democrats who declare your city a sanctuary city, refuse to put convicted criminals in jails, and support a Southern border that is wide open to third-world invaders who bring with them sex trafficking and deadly narcotics.


It’s terrible, no question. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt or die, and my heart breaks for people caught in the horrors of addiction, but this is what the people of San Francisco vote for.

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No one who ran for office in this once beautiful city hid their desire to import third-world illegals, look the other way with drug cases, or release criminals. And what happened?

The idiots of San Francisco voted overwhelmingly to destroy their city. Oh, yeah, they are showing us MAGAtards a thing or two — as we live here where life is safe, clean, and tolerant.

“San Francisco is facing its deadliest year ever for drug overdoses,” reports the far-left Guardian. “a trend blamed on the surge of powerful synthetic fentanyl in the US’s illicit drug supply.”

The report continues: “August was the deadliest month on record – with an overdose death every nine hours.”

“It’s going to be an almost 25% increase over last year – that’s crazy and unfortunate,” said one addiction specialist.

Democrats open the border…

South of Market St. along Heron ST. Paramedics and firefighters tend to a subject suffering from a heroin Overdose. The person was given an antedote and was revived back from being unconscious. (Michael Macor/The Chronicle (MICHAEL MACOR/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

Cartels smuggle in fentanyl and meth.

These drugs are deliberately dosed to murder Americans…

Nevertheless, San Francisco politicians do nothing to reverse its sanctuary policy, nothing to pressure His Fraudulency Joe Biden to secure the border; San Francisco residents approve of this in overwhelming numbers with their votes, and John eats cookies and watches Star Trek* because San Francisco is not my problem.

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