Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests to Tucker that ‘evil’ Democrats follow ‘Satan’


by Stephen Kokx, LifeSite News:

The U.S. Congresswoman also took a shot at her Republican colleagues, calling them do-nothing grifters.

Firebrand U.S. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene let loose on her “evil” colleagues in Washington, D.C. during an explosive interview with Tucker Carlson last Thursday.


Greene told Carlson on his November 30 X show that Democrats are essentially followers of the devil and that Republicans are do-nothing grifters who enrich themselves and the military industrial complex while neglecting to address the needs of the American people.

“They’d kill you if they could,” Carlson told Greene after reading a litany of dismissive remarks Hillary Clinton and left-wing Democrats like Nancy Pelosi have made about her. “They would kill me. They’d kill you. They’d kill many of us.”

Asked by Carlson what she plans to do given her disdain for the GOP as well as her opposition to the Democrat Party, Greene, a former Catholic turned Evangelical, referenced the devil.

“Obviously, you’re not going to become a Democrat because they’re a mirror image of,” Carlson said before getting cut off by Greene, who interjected by saying, “Satan.” Carlson then finished his remarks by adding, “a mirror image of what you are.”

Greene also singled out Hillary Clinton. She said she comes from “some sort of elite class — at least in their own minds — where they look down on all of us as if we’re some sub-class of people in the country. We’re so annoying to them. We’re not educated for them. We aren’t good enough for them. We won’t support their never-ending causes or wars or whatever the next thing is or supporting gender change for children, as if that’s ever the right thing to do. Or why can’t every one of us have an abortion? It should be a rite of passage. That’s who these people are. And they hate any of us that stand up and say you people are flat-out evil because they are, they are evil.”

Greene emphasized that words mean little to her and that “action” is everything. She said that although conservatives run campaigns on closing the border and putting America first, they don’t do anything about illegal immigration when they are elected. They also vote for aid packages to Ukraine, fail to act on impeachment charges, and pass Joe Biden’s funding bills.

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