Lunatic Left Indoctrination at US Naval Academy


from Moonbattery:

Even CNN has noticed that our communist Chinese adversaries now have a bigger navy and threaten to achieve dominance over the seas, which would allow the totalitarian regime to achieve world dominance at American expense. Meanwhile, our navy wallows in wokeness, as evidenced by the material in which officers are indoctrinated at the US Naval Academy:

The course description for HE 374, Topics In Gender & Sexuality in Literature, begins by tracing the history of gender and sexuality studies from its origin in the women’s studies discipline rooted in the Second Wave Feminism of the 1970’s and 1980’s, according to a syllabus the [Daily Caller News Foundation] obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request. However, the English major course broadens to include studies for future U.S. Navy officers on LGBTQ studies, race, class and concepts informed by Critical Race Theory, which defines people groups in terms of oppressor and oppressed, the syllabus shows.


According to the Cultural Marxist ideology instilled in naval officers, normal Americans are “oppressors” — i.e., the bad guys. It used to be the Navy’s job to defend normal Americans.

The primary texts of the course were “The Reproduction of Mothering: Psychoanalysis and the Sociology of Gender” by Nancy Chodorow and “Sexual/Textual Politics: Feminist Literary Theory” by Toril Moi.

Chodorow’s book dismisses motherhood as a social construct. As for Moi,

Moi’s book imagines a world “beyond the opposition feminine/masculine, beyond homosexuality and heterosexuality,” a review shows.

Homosexuality is now passé. The Navy will be moving beyond it.

The Spring 2023 course was divided into three main sections, starting with “an exploration of the masculine/feminine binary,” then moving to “a historical and contemporary discussion of the rejection and empowerment of specific sexualities” and finally the “utilization of Gender and Sexuality to enforce or deconstruct the othering of nonwestern culture,” the syllabus showed.

None of this is likely to prevent the ChiComs from launching an attack that will dwarf Pearl Harbor and turn the Pacific into a Chinese lake. With Democrats in charge, the Navy has different concerns. It is a social engineering project devoted to moonbattery.

With 37% of US attack subs out of commission, the kooks in charge focus on flight suits for pregnant pilots, name a ship after an infamous child molester, and use a drag queen for recruitment. Liberal control of the military will not end well.

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