Israel’s Crimes and Atrocities Committed in Gaza


by Peter Koenig, Global Research:


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Gaza war has exacted a “very heavy price” on the regime.

Netanyahu said Israel has no choice but to keep fighting to achieve its goals, including the elimination of Hamas and returning of its hostages. He made the comments after the Israeli army confirmed that 14 troops were killed in Gaza since Friday. It said 153 Israeli troops have been killed and nearly 500 others wounded since the beginning of Israel’s ground invasion in Gaza. Hamas says the number of Israeli army casualties is much higher.



PressTV: Israel has committed enormous crimes against humanity, causing more than 21,000 Palestinian casualties, since Netanyahu ordered a ground invasion in Gaza.

Please give us your views on these crimes and their consequences.

Peter Koenig (PK): Where to begin is the question. There is an abundance of crimes being committed as we speak

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are wantonly targeting civilian populations.

Of the estimated more than 21,000 killed since October 7, at least two-thirds are women and children.

Coincidence? Of course not, there are no coincidences. Children are the future generation of Palestine, and women are the bearers of future generations. Eliminating them is an Israeli strategy.

More than 80% of all housing is destroyed, not to speak of infrastructure.

Israel is withholding emergency shipments of food and water – literally attempting to starve Palestinians to death.

Israel is selectively cutting off electricity and means of communication – internet, telephone, television….

But these are just “statistics”, right?

Nevertheless, think about it, when you are celebrating New Year with friends and have good times — you may, of course. It is your right.

But please, DO NOT forget Gaza and Palestine.

Remember, that most likely your government – especially when you are in the US or European Union – your government supports or rather encourages the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians.

And I have not even mentioned yet: the execution-style killings; a few days ago IDF soldiers separated a group of men from women then they shot point blank the men – about a dozen – in front of their wives and children.

Organ stealing – totally illegal, Israel has always been one of the leaders in human organ trading, if not THE leader – now they are stealing killed Palestinians, remove their organs for their illicit organ trade.

Stripping civilians, mostly men, by the hundreds, having them sitting in rows in full sight of everybody – a shameful humiliation.

And more, much more – the list goes on and on, Israeli crimes have no end.

Nobody should ever talk about the Holocaust inflicted by Nazi Germany on the Jews. Nobody.

What Zionists are doing to Palestinians is at least in the same category or worse.

And it has lasted for 75 years, for the entire existence of Israel, the apartheid system has prevailed – and killed countless Palestinians indiscriminately, year after year; silenced by the mainstream media, most of which are under Zionist control.

In addition to all the atrocities mentioned before, there is the human suffering that cannot be accounted for, not in money, not in numbers.

But the price Israel is most likely paying for their indiscriminate and well-thought-out genocide of an entire population is high – it may be Israel herself.

Netanyahu, Zionist-in-chief, is wiping Israel off the map.

Once this is over – and one day it will be over, namely as soon as the money and weapons flow stops, pretty much like the Ukraine – then, the war will stop.

Israel cannot survive without Western money – with war or without war. 

Israel’s regular budget, in normal times, depends to about one-third on “subsidies” from the US – compliments of US tax-payers.

The price for these atrocities and suffering Israel is inflicting on Palestine will be steep.

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