If those “green” billionaires are so afraid of “global warming,” why do they still own huge oceanside estates?


by Mark Crispin Miller, News from Underground :

Just as they took OFF their masks when (they thought) nobody was looking, so do their private planes and seaside mansions show that what they SAY and what they DO are two entirely different things

As COVID 2020 seems to disappear into the rear-view mirror (whatever “deadly virus” may be coming next), let’s not forget that the top cheerleaders for all the “COVID measures”—Dr. Fauci, Boris Johnson, Nancy Pelosi, the Cuomo brothers and so many more—had a way of slipping off their masks when (they thought) nobody was looking. Click on this link for just a few examples:

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And here’s another telltale video, of German president Karl-Walter Steinmeier:

And yet another, of Patrick Brown, mayor of Brampton, Ontario:

Such off-camera “slippage” by such COVID stars was not a sign of their “hypocrisy,” as some commoners indignantly complained, but—far more important—clear evidence that those celebrities did not themselves believe that “COVID” was so dangerous, or dangerous at all to healthy players like themselves, or, therefore, that those masks served any prophylactic purpose whatsoever (as all the soundest studies had long since confirmed), but were mere props in a vast fake-out of the global population.

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