Epstein and his lover Ghislaine Maxwell were Mossad operatives BLACKMAILING famous personalities with videos of them bedding underage girls, book claims


by Belle Carter, DC Clothesline:

A recently released book claimed that Jeffrey Epstein and his then-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell were spies working for Mossad or the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, the national intelligence agency of the State of Israel. According to the piece, they lured prominent Western politicians and businessmen into sleeping with underage girls and then, took videos of them doing the act. They then used the footage to blackmail them later.

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Titled “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” the book was written by American Media Inc’s Dylan Howard, Melissa Cronin and several other reporters who claim to have worked for eight years to unravel “an international conspiracy the likes of which we have never seen before.” As per the authors, Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father, who died in mysterious circumstances in 1991 after falling from his yacht and who was also allegedly a Mossad spy, introduced Epstein to the spy world.

Ari Ben-Menashe, a former Israeli spy who claimed to be the older Maxwell’s handler, said he introduced Epstein to Mossad and wanted them to accept him as part of the group. “Epstein was hanging around with Robert Maxwell and the daughter was hanging around there too, and that’s how they met. Just two young souls, they met,” he said. In a separate interview, he said that the father felt that he could bless Epstein with some work and help him out in a paternal way. “They were agents of the Israeli Intelligence Services. Later on, Ghislaine got involved with Israeli intelligence together with him,” he added.

According to the book, intel experts said that the couple used a “honeytrap” to film prominent political figures having sex with underage girls so that they could later blackmail them. “Epstein was sort of flying very important people around the world, providing young girls for some of them,” they said. “If you put people like Clinton on his planes and you can put Ehud Baral [a former Prime Minister of Israel] and a former general, then he is a guy who matters to you. If he is going to be your friend, he is going to work for you. He is going to be an asset to you. Look what he can do.”

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