COVID-19 vaccine data administrator reveals deaths related to bad batch of Pfizer shots


by Belle Carter, Natural News:

Within four years since the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “plandemic” was launched in China, people are coming out to prove that the pandemic was indeed a deceptive plan to pave the way for tyrannical measures authorities promoted as “public health” mandates – masks, lockdowns and of course, the vaccine.

A COVID-19 vaccine database administrator in New Zealand has gone rogue and turned into a full-blown whistleblower, revealing, for the first time, the actual number of deaths related to “bad batches” of the Pfizer vaccine. X user Kim Dotcom, who described himself in his bio as an entrepreneur, innovator, gamer, artist, internet freedom fighter and a father of six, shared a video of the said analyst being interviewed in his country regarding his damning bombshell report.


“I was involved with building a project and helped implement a vaccine payment system for our providers called the ‘pay per dose’ system. It means that every time someone gets vaccinated, they get a payment as a provider,” the whistleblower started. “And when I was looking at the data, which is a part of my job, I noticed some discrepancies with the dates of death, people dying within a week of being vaccinated.” According to him, as soon as the system went online, he noticed that people were dying almost straight away after being injected. So, being a scientist by nature and having a master’s degree in Science, he got suspicious and dug deeper. It is also important to note that the data was only accessible to him in New Zealand as he was the only analyst tasked to handle the said information.

He listed down the top 10 vaccine batch IDs, the total number of people who received it, how many died and the death toll percentage. For example, Pfizer Batch 1 was administered to 711 people and 152 died, giving a 21 percent mortality rate. To look at the government information in another way, he made another chart wherein he presented how many jab receivers died per vaccinator, who may not be doing their jobs properly. Their names were redacted for privacy reasons. “Unless they go around terminally ill in cancer wards and injecting people who they know are going to die, then there is no other explanation for this,” he said.

The interviewer posed a question regarding the vaccine batches as Kiwis are now worried that they got the batches that kill people. He directed people to a website “find my batch” (but did not provide the URL) to look at which of all the 119 batches of Pfizer as well as Moderna and AstraZeneca.

In another chart, he presented a line graph showing the death rate in the country, where he pointed out that COVID-19 deaths should be reduced by mid-2021 when vaccines have been rolled out. Unfortunately, records showed that more people were dying during this time than ever before. “These are the biggest number of deaths we have seen in the history of New Zealand. The death rate has gone up six to eight percent year-on-year,” he lamented.

What he showed is probably true because New Zealand has recorded the largest increase in the number of registered deaths since the 1918 influenza pandemic, as per Stats NZ, the nation’s official data agency. The births and deaths figures for the year ending Dec. 2022, reflected 38,574 deaths that year, 10.4 percent more in 2021. This increase which was attributed to COVID-19 and an aging population, is the biggest year-on-year jump since the 55.4 percent spike in deaths following the 1918 pandemic.

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