Chris Pavlovski (CEO Rumble) and Devin Nunes (CEO Truth Social) Discuss How They Protect the Liberty Flame of Free Speech


from The Conservative Treehouse:

Appearing on NewsMax, Chris Pavlovski and Devin Nunes explain how their communication and content platforms are anti-fragile to the big tech censorship regime. {Direct Rumble Link}

It is critical that people, particularly Americans, understand the position of both Mr Nunes and Mr Pavlovski as fortresses against the DHS tech rollout, which CTH has outlined in great detail {Go Deep}.  Both platforms, Truth Social and Rumble, will remain under constant assault as they represent a threat to those who seek to control information and ultimately public opinion.


Pavlovski and Nunes are anti-fragile to the customary attack vectors, whereas Musk is fragile, exposed and vulnerable – as he has self-admitted recently.  In the next several months, this is going to become much more important. WATCH:


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