Businesses in ‘George Floyd Square’ in Minneapolis Sue Over Rampant Crime


by Mike LaChance, The Gateway Pundit:

As far back in April of 2021, black business owners were complaining about crime in George Floyd Square.

Now lots of businesses in this neighborhood are feeling the pain and are suing over it.

Do the people who are committing all of these crimes think they’re honoring Floyd’s memory by behaving in this way?


KARE News reports:

George Floyd Square businesses sue Minneapolis

Cup Foods and its affiliated businesses at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue filed a complaint against the city of Minneapolis, requesting a payout of $1.5 million in damages for causing the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent management of what became George Floyd Square, for more than a year.

Menthol Tobacco and Southside Electronics — which are located inside Cup Foods — NMA Investments, and 3759 Chicago Ave, LLC are listed as the plaintiffs in the suit. Court documents say all of the businesses are owned by the same family, who allege the barriers erected by the city at the intersection after Floyd’s murder “violated” their “property rights.”…

According to the complaint, the businesses claim the city owes them compensatory damages for three reasons: Floyd’s murder; placing concrete barriers around the intersection and leaving them up for more than a year; and failing to provide police protection as required by the city charter.

The complaint says the barricades “physically prevented business patrons from visiting the area, and the area has turned into a hub for violent crime.” Further, the businesses claim the area is now considered a “no-go zone” because of criminal activity, and tenants have since abandoned their rented spaces.

Jazz Shaw of Hot Air adds this:

In some ways, the city really did bring this lawsuit on itself. When the barriers were first put up, the municipal government “actively supported” the creation of the zone. The police publicly announced that they would minimize their presence in and around the square. The results were wholly predictable. When you remove the police presence, criminals notice and seek to take advantage of the situation. And now the businesses are seeking to cash in on the results.

This is what happens when you surrender to mob rule, and mob rule was precisely what took place in Minneapolis in 2020. The media played up all of that activity as if it were somehow honorable and deserved. The word traveled around the country and the riots spread like a virus from city to city. And the vast majority of the participants were not out there demanding “social justice” reforms. They were looting and burning as they went.

That is absolutely correct.

It’s just amazing that taxpayers in Minneapolis continue to put up with this.

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