Whistleblower Claims President Zelensky’s Wife Is Running Child Trafficking Network


by Niamh Harris, The Peoples Voice:

A French whistleblower has claimed that the wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is operating a sex trafficking network where displaced Ukrainian children are offered to known pedophiles worldwide.

In a report published by The Intel Drop, the former employee of Olena Zelenska’s non profit, provided Foundation documents along with his own personal work ID card to add credibility to his allegations.

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He is also calling on authorities in France, Germany, and the UK to conduct a large-scale investigation into the activities of the foundation.

InfoWars reports: Olena Zelenska is Zelensky’s wife, who launched the foundation in New York City back in September 2022 alongside suspected human trafficker Hillary Clinton, celebrities Matt Damon, Jimmy Fallon, and others.

In the video uploaded by the alleged whistleblower, a man wearing a mask says he is speaking out to expose what’s happening within the Olena Zelenska Foundation based on his personal experience.

“So, here I am recording this video to tell you about what happened in Olena Zelenska’s Foundation when I worked there,” he tells the camera. “After I finish, I’ll send you this video via email together with the documents, all the facts of what had happened.”

“To start my story, it was here in France. I had a friend there who worked with different foundations. And he was the one who told me that there is a foundation that pays well in Ukraine, which offers good conditions. And so, I thought, why not?

“So, I contacted this foundation and then I prepared my documents and I went to Ukraine. When I came, I came to work there as a driver. They offered me this job and I signed the contract. Even the contract was something bizarre. There were clauses, for example, in the contract, that said we must not talk with children, we must not ask questions about host families, things like that. For me it was weird, but I thought, well, I’m a driver it’s not my business. I signed the contract. After signing the contract, I was given the pass. This one. Here’s the pass.”

Next, the man explains the job was “very simple” at first as he would take children from Ukrainian cities and bring them to orphanages in league with Olena Zelenska’s foundation.

All the orphanages associated with the foundation were in Europe, from Germany to France and England.

“It was there that we brought the children, we put them in orphanages,” the whistleblower continues. “Then there were staff who took care of them who were looking for foster families. As soon as we find a host family, we take them back from there as a driver and take them to the host family. That’s how I made these trips.”

Some of the host families reportedly lived in rich neighborhoods like the Kreuzberg district in Berlin, Dolphin Square in London, and Avenue Foch in France.

This is where the man’s story gets strange.

“I came to Avenue Foch. I came there with a child. I have the document that I will send you via email. I was with this child. His name was Dmitro. I brought him to the host family which lives on Avenue Foch. And the man who came out, he was quite old and he came out half naked. And it really surprised me, what was happening. He winked at the child. He took him by the hand like that. He signed the documents and all that and he closed the door. I told myself that it was necessary at that moment to take note that something was going wrong. But hey, I thought, well, it’s not my business.”

A few days after dropping Dmitro off with the “half-naked man,” the anonymous individual took another child, Volodymyr, from an orphanage to a host family.

The whistleblower says he had brought Volodymyr to another host family just weeks before and that he tried asking the boy why he was already going to a new home.

“I asked him a question, tried to communicate with him in English,” he explains. “I asked him what’s going on. He started crying. I was shocked. I told him that I have to take him to the family but he only cried. I understood that he doesn’t want to go there. And we were already in a car at the time. I didn’t know what to do, take him to the family or come back to the orphanage, where he doesn’t want to go also. I haven’t understood anything what was going on with him.”

“And then he started making the gestures. As I understood from these gestures he showed me, that he was touched in intimate places. I get it. It’s awful. At that moment I understood everything that was happening. It was really…it’s awful what happened with him.

See a photo of Dmitro, Volodymyr and other Olena Zelenska Foundation children below:

The French whistleblower then says he began looking through documents to understand what was going on and to find information about the home where the child was allegedly molested.

“I started looking through the documents for the family who had took him before. And there I find a name, that it was a certain man whose name was Bernard-Henri Lévy. I don’t know anything about this person so I searched on the Internet to see who he is. To find out if he has a Facebook or something like that. And then I found the information about him. And on the Web I found that he is all friendly with pedophiles and he keeps in touch with them.”

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