Was October 7 an Earthquake for the Democrats?


by John Green, American Thinker:

I see the drag queens, black-masked thugs, and vagina hat wearing spinsters at every Democrat party event. I know the Dems are the party of radicals, community organizers, and the occasional posse-organizing bartender. But there are also a great many average Joes who habitually vote Democrat. The average Joe is a law-abiding, churchgoing family man who votes Democrat because he wants to make the world better — and has been led to believe that the Dems want that also.

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The average Joe:

  • Wants some social safety nets — but not over $33 trillion of debt.
  • Wants clean air and water — but not at the expense of worldwide destitution.
  • Believes that immigration has been good for America — but doesn’t support open borders.
  • Believes in showing tolerance to others — but not the destruction of Judeo-Christian values.
  • Believes we can improve our society — but not by abandoning our founding principles.

So why does Joe vote for the party of debt, invasion, racism, socialism, and moral relativism?

Joe has always voted for Democrats because a vote for Republicans is unthinkable. A vote for a Republican would be a vote for

  • Putting Blacks back in chains,
  • Pushing grandma off a cliff,
  • Returning women to their role as domestic servants,
  • Turning the Earth into a lifeless cinder, and
  • Giving machine guns to every deranged nut looking for a headline.

In short, Joe has bought the “Republicans are evil” rubbish of the propagandists. True evil always masquerades as virtue. Joe has simply been fooled by the virtuous mask — so he votes Democrat.

It takes a significant shock to change one’s worldview — especially after decades of indoctrination. Before anyone can change long-held beliefs, they usually need to be mugged by reality.

The events of Loudon County, Virginia were a tremor to the Democrat party. The school board decided that parents had no right to parent, and even had a father arrested for trying. Average Joe noticed and reacted. The Loudon County fault caused a political change in a few state offices and a bunch of school leadership positions. But it was only a minor tremor. Joe and his pals spackled the cracks in the wall and went back to sleep before the midterm election.

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