WARNING TO DEPOSITORS! Is this the trigger of a run on the world’s largest private bank…..?


from State Of The Nation:

…Denial of Withdrawals Due To “Liquidity Challenges”

SOTN Editor’s Note: Every banker and investor insider has known for some time that the European banking system has been operating under unprecedented stress for several years. Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank were only two of the biggest train wrecks waiting to happen and now that UBS owns CS, the crash and burn will only be bigger.

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Of course, the Ukraine War has only majorly added another financial burden to that exceedingly stressful environment.  For the Khazarian banksters made sure that every European nation contributed way beyond their means to that ongoing genocide and monumental series of war crimes.  In point of fact, the entire EU economy is in great jeopardy now that it economic flagship — Germany — is heading right toward the Titanic-sized iceberg. See: GERMANY: The Huge Crisis in the Making

For the uninitiated, Switzerland was established as the primary money-laundering capital of the world when the Northern Italian Black Nobility moved their banking operations north into that alpine country after the inevitable and planned collapse of the Venetian Empire.  What better impregnable stronghold than Switzerland to house the massive amount of money and gold accumulated (and stolen) by the most powerful and richest Illuminati families on the planet.

Exactly what families?

These crime families: The whole world is carved up into organized crime territories run by these top-tier Mafia families.

While the Financial District in the City of London is the current headquarters for the various international crime syndicates that exert complete command and control over the Global Economic & Financial System, Switzerland has always functioned as their vault, contrary to what has been officially reported.  Switzerland is also home to the international headquarters of the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY for quite obvious reasons..  See: 10 REASONS WHY SWITZERLAND IS HOME TO THE CIA

The bottom line here is that there’s a war going on at the very peak of the pinnacle of the world power pyramid.  That raging war is taking place between all the biggest dogs in the intensifying global fight to rule (and own) the world.  Not well understood is the inevitable internecine conflicts which occur at the end of every major epoch.  The dark side predictably undergoes a tremendous fracturing as each of the bad guys compete with each other for ascendancy. See: Global Oil Wars Explode As Never Before In Real Time
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