REVEALED: Dublin Child Stabber Was Supposed to be Deported in 2003


by Jake Welch, The National Pulse:

The suspect who stabbed three children and an adult in Dublin last week is an Algerian-born migrant who was subject to a deportation order from 2003. He was arrested several times, including earlier this year, though now holds an Irish passport.

The case was previously referred to the country’s High Court, which revoked the deportation order following a judicial review. The alleged attempted murderer came to the police’s attention this year, also, for possession of a knife. He appears to have been acquitted of the charges due to a “mental health report given to the court.”


Subsequent reports suggest the man was motivated to carry out the attack because he did not receive his welfare benefits.

Despite the violence, the Irish government has focused the majority of its attention on Irish citizens who are demanding action. An investigation has been launched into UFC star Conor McGregor for his comments on the nation’s “revolving door” mass immigration system.

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