Report: Gen Z wants to be hired for their ‘personality’


from WND:

‘We admire the chutzpah it takes to say you deserve a job because of the vibe you bring’

A new report charges that Gen Z members want to be hired for their “personality,” their ability to “set the vibes” at a workplace, not their job skills.

And the ridicule is coming in by the boatload.


“We admire the chutzpah it takes to say, with a straight face, you deserve a job because of the ‘vibe’ you bring to the workplace and not, you know, the value [you] bring to your employer with your productivity,” explained a commentary at Twitchy.

The report on the demands comes from the New York Post.

The report bluntly told employers: “Forget the resume — Gen Z thinks you should hire them for their personalities. According to the youngest generation in the workforce, their humor and wit provides a certain vibrance older employees apparently lack.”

The Post explained, “They’ve even invented a term — ‘personality hire’ — to describe their self-perceived function in a corporate setting: to provide all the jokes, banter and playfulness needed in order to ‘set the vibes.'”

The report cited “TikToker” Bella Rose Mortel, 22, who calls herself a “chief vibes officer,” telling Business Insider about praise she’s gotten on her “energy.”

She’s posted videos online on the subject, and prompted a wave of comments about so-called “personality hires,” who feel their job is social, not work-related.

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