by Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform:

Stanley Milgram’s experiment was conducted in 1963, before the internet, social media, and the complete takeover of the U.S. by the Deep State. His estimate that only 20% of the population have the critical thinking skills to defy authority may have been true in 1963, but I think it is far lower today. The powers that be (invisible government per Edward Bernays) utilize every tool at their disposal to make sure their authority is not defied. They have perfected Bernays’ propaganda techniques, integrating lies, misinformation and fear into their formula of control.



Witness everything that has happened in the last several years as proof they have been successful in suppressing any substantive defiance to their authority. The entire Covid scamdemic was a modern day Milgram Experiment and the vast majority of the world population were duped into believing the annual flu was such a horrific threat that they agreed to be locked down, lose their jobs, treat others like lepers, mask & distance, give their government unlimited authoritarian power, agree to censor and cancel critical thinking dissenters, and ultimately be injected with an untested, toxic, gene therapy that failed to combat covid, but certainly has caused millions of “sudden deaths”, turbo cancers, and myocarditis in young people.

Those who questioned the clearly stolen 2020 presidential election have been systematically destroyed by those in authority. Make a critical thinking case about rigged voting machines, fraudulent mail in ballots, or ballot stuffing, and you lose your livelihood, like being shocked in a Milgram Experiment. The authorities declared January 6, 2020 an armed insurrection, but no Trump supporters were armed or killed anyone. An armed black government thug killed an unarmed woman, but he was declared a hero by the authorities that engineered the fake insurrection.

The J6 tapes just released are another example of authority destroying the lives of peaceful protestors because they dared question the 2020 election results. Many innocent victims of Pelosi, the FBI and the rest of the traitorous Deep State scum who stole the election are rotting in DC dungeons as their punishment for thinking critically and exercising their First Amendment rights. It was a setup from the beginning, but the sheep obediently believe what the authorities spout.

Stanley Milgram would be astounded at how far his research has been used as an owner’s manual, rather than a dire warning to resist authority. For those of us still capable of critical thought, never bow to authority. We are the last bastion against the tyranny engulfing this world.

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