An Alarming New Variant That Is “Taking Off” In Europe Causes A Disgusting Red Rash On The Skin


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Are we on the verge of another major health scare?  When COVID first erupted several years ago, it was often difficult to identify who had it.  But now a new variant has emerged that is really “taking off” in Europe, and a disgusting red rash is one of the primary symptoms.  The variant is currently known as “JN.1”, although I am sure that they will give it a fancy new name once it spreads widely enough.  We have hardly heard anything about this new variant in the United States, but they are really buzzing about it on the other side of the Atlantic.  “JN.1” is a direct descendant of the Pirola variant, and one doctor told the Express that Pirola can “cause visible facial symptoms” such as “a red rash that might appear on your face”…


Dr Johannes Uys, a GP from Broadgate General Practice, told the Express that “unlike most previous variants, Covid Pirola can cause visible facial symptoms such as eye irritation and a skin rash”.

Other than a red rash that might appear on your face and itchy, irritated eyes, Pirola has other distinctive symptoms, like diarrhoea and fatigue.

How would you feel if itchy red sores started to develop all over your face?

This was never a symptom of COVID that was mentioned by authorities early in the pandemic, but now things have changed.

In fact, the official website of the National Health Service now specifically warns that many COVID victims develop a “large and itchy rash with tiny lumps and blisters”

A large and itchy rash with tiny lumps and blisters can occur either during COVID or weeks later. This can last for weeks while you are recovering and if it is an issue, treatment with moisturising or steroid creams can help. COVID can also cause a very itchy, large rash called urticaria; also known as nettle rash or hives. It can appear suddenly as smooth bumps on the skin which can come and go quite quickly. This can happen when you first have COVID but can last for months.


And that same article goes on to explain that COVID can cause other types of rashes as well…

COVID can also cause a rash on the body called pityriasis rosea. This starts with a single, large red patch, followed a few days later by many smaller red/darker patches on the middle part of your body, for example, your chest, stomach or back. These are not too itchy. On darker skin, the patches can be darker, brown or black. This rash goes away by itself after several months. Moisturisers and steroid creams can be helpful if the rash is causing problems.

Another rash that is caused by COVID is an itchy large rash called a viral exanthem. This can be lumpy and flat. It is red in people with lighter skin and brown/black in people with darker skin.

If you catch COVID and start developing sores on your skin, there is a good chance that you have been infected by the Pirola variant or the descendant of the Pirola variant known as “JN.1”.

When the Pirola variant was first detected, scientists were deeply concerned

According to Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security, JN.1 is a descendant of BA.2.86 – better known as the Pirola variant, which itself came from Omicron.

As reported by , professor and chief of infectious diseases at the University at Buffalo in New York – Thomas Russo – said: “BA.2.86 has more than 20 mutations on the spike protein and there was a concern when it was first detected a while back that, wow, this might be a real problem.”

He explained that JN.1 has an additional mutation on its spike protein from BA.2.86, which is what coronavirus uses to latch onto your cells and make you sick.

Now “JN.1” is here, and we are being told that it is really “taking off” over in Europe…

“JN.1 has been described in a number of countries, including the U.S., Iceland, Portugal, Spain, and the Netherlands,” Dr. Russo says. “It’s also increasing in frequency in France—it seems to be taking off.”

JN.1 also has a mutation on its spike protein that “seems to make it much more immune evasive than its parents,” Dr. Russo says, adding that the variant is “quite devious.”

In the end, hopefully “JN.1” will turn out to be not a major threat.

But winter is almost here, and this is a time when respiratory diseases can run rampant.

In fact, authorities in China are already directing the general public to put their masks back on

Chinese officials are once again telling the public to wear masks as various respiratory diseases surge alongside a rise in coronavirus cases.

China’s state-run Global Times on Friday quoted epidemiologists who claimed the surge of pneumonia, influenza, bacterial infections, and coronavirus cases was not too far out of line with projections for China’s autumn and winter sick seasons, although their comments implied influenza infections severe enough to require hospital visits were picking up steam a little earlier than usual in the southern provinces.

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