British Defense Secretary States They Are Putting Military Troops into Ukraine


from The Conservative Treehouse:

First the backdrop.  Let us not pretend a confluence of events do not all go in one direction.
U.S. troops are conducting military exercises in eastern Moldova {link}.  The CIA and State Department are the operational mechanism for all Ukraine military operations, and in total control of the Ukraine government {link}.  American contracted mercenary troops operating in Ukraine are being treated at U.S. military hospitals in Germany {link}.  U.S. military operations are flying drone missions above Ukraine, and U.S. satellites are coordinating the battlespace.  Additionally, the U.S. is sending Abrams tanks, F-16 fighter jets along with support and training teams, and long-range missile launching systems into Ukraine. {link}


For all intents and purposes, the U.S driven NATO military forces are already actively engaged in Ukraine.

Simultaneously, the Dept of Defense {link} and CIA {link} have announced the deployment of advanced artificial intelligence operations for U.S. internet systems. That creation aligns with the Dept of Homeland Security organizing “homeland intelligence experts” {link} to control and monitor public information and shape U.S. public opinion.  All of this is happening under the guise of national security.  We have the COVID-19 backdrop to identify the public-private partnership approach to controlling information.  This same process can easily be deployed to cover Ukraine sensitive content.

There’s your backdrop with citations.  Now, given all of that, doesn’t the alignment of the demonstrable datapoints all flow in one unilateral direction?

The British are now saying the quiet part publicly and out loud:

The Telegraph – In an interview with The Telegraph, [Defense Secretary] Grant Shapps said that he had held talks with Army leaders about moving “more training and production” of military equipment into Ukraine. He also called on more British defence firms to set up factories in Ukraine.

Following a trip to Kyiv last week, Mr Shapps also reveals that he has talked to Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, about how Britain’s Navy could play a role in defending commercial vessels from Russian attacks in the Black Sea.

Both moves would mark a significant escalation in the UK’s involvement in defending Ukraine against Vladimir Putin’s onslaught. Speaking in his first newspaper interview as Defence Secretary. (read more


They are determined to take us to war.

Last point, as you contemplate the severity by which everything is being organized, regardless of public opinion, don’t forget to overlay this context with their opposition to President Donald Trump; the one guy who could stop all of this.

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