Are The Viral Photos of a Once-Pregnant Michelle Obama Real?


by Michael Schwarz, Western Journal:

A number of photos of a supposedly pregnant Michelle Obama have gone viral, leaving many asking if the former first lady is pregnant.

The answer to that is no. Each photo is a fake.

As for what the viral hoax might reveal about the Obamas and others around them, that story runs much deeper.


First, we can say beyond all doubt that the photos are inauthentic.

In fact, Snopes “confirmed” the fakery last week. While the Snopes fact-checkers themselves often require fact-checking, this particular fact-check is rock-solid, as we shall see.

According to Snopes, two AI-detecting online tools showed that artificial intelligence produced the Michelle Obama pregnancy photos.

The photos in question went viral after one social media user, “Charlotte, The Baroness,” posted them to X, formerly Twitter, on Sept. 20.

“BREAKING: Michelle Obama silences ALL conspiracy theorists and demands a universal apology after FINALLY releasing glowing pregnancy photos when she was expecting Sasha and Malia,” an accompanying tweet read.

For the record, Charlotte, The Baroness, did not take the photos seriously.

“Oh dear. People think it’s true! What have I done,” she later cheekily tweeted.

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