Top criminology prof who ‘proved’ systemic racism in U.S. fired for faking data


from WND:

A criminology professor who “proved” racism in America and whose work was cited thousands of times now has been fired – for fakery.

A report at the Post-Millennial explains Eric Stewart was informed of his termination by Florida State University Provost James J. Clark, who said, “The damage to the standing of the university and, in particular, the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice and its faculty approaches the catastrophic and may be unalterable.”


He continued, “I do not see how you can teach our students to be ethical researchers or how the results of future research projects conducted by you could be deemed as trustworthy adding that six of the studies had been retracted while his other work was ‘in doubt.'”

The report explained Stewart’s work included a “proof” that racism is systemic in America’s law enforcement and American society.

According to Google Scholar, Stewart and his work were cited over 8,500 times by other researchers, the report explained. But, it said, “The WEB DuBois fellow at the National Institute of Justice is out of a job on account of ‘extreme negligence and incompetence.'”

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