Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23


from Vigilant Citizen:

In this edition of SPOTM: Lil Nas X mocks Christianity at the VMAs; Marina Abramovic and her occult rituals are promoted by mass media; Bad Bunny poses in a super-Masonic photoshoot, and more proof that the powers that be are actively preying on children in the worst ways possible.

Hunter Schafer is a trans model, actor, and LQBT activist who is mostly known for playing the role of Jules in the teen series Euphoria (read my full article about this toxic show here). As you probably noticed, the entertainment industry is doing everything in its power to embed trans celebrities in popular culture. Therefore, Schafer regularly gets featured in magazines such as the last issue of AnOther. Of course, everything about it is highly symbolic.


hunter1 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

The cover of the magazine features a blatant one-eye sign, indicating that everything else inside of it will be elite-sponsored propaganda. And, boy, is it ever.

hunter2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

To make sure you understand that the one-eye sign above wasn’t random, an “out-of-it”-looking Schafer poses for another one.

hunter3 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

In this pic, Schafer basically looks dead, with mushrooms growing out of the corpse. It’s all about the elite’s culture of death.

This same issue of AnOther also contained an entire photoshoot with Marina Abramovic – the elite’s favorite witch who is known for catering spirit-cooking dinners with the world’s most powerful people. The Royal Academy of Arts in London is currently hosting a retrospective of her work (which features insanity such as a model lying under a skeleton). As usual, mass media is showering her with praise and the following photoshoot is part of the promo push. Of course, everything about it is highly symbolic.

marina1 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

In this picture, Abramovic poses symbolically while wearing red (the color of occult sacrifice). She stands in front of a red inverted pentagram which occultly represents black magic and satanism. I don’t think they can make this clearer for us.

marina2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

This is yet another picture of Abramovic around actual human remains. Witches use human skulls to conduct occult rituals.

marina3 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

Marina holds the horn/tusk of an animal. In occult symbolism, holding horns means drawing power from dark forces. She loves doing that.

e8a7419e0602199b6af9f5e989afe3b2baf4caf5 e1695239208476 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

A picture from 2014 with the same basic message.

While Abramovic turned the art world into pure satanism, various “artists” are doing the same thing to the music business.

doja1 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

Life-sized mannequins of Doja Cat were placed in NYC and Chicago subway stations. Naked and drenched in blood, these figures are meant to promote her album Scarlet. Interesting fact: The word scarlet is associated with immorality and sin – particularly prostitution and adultery in the Bible. Appropriately enough, these figures are a direct reference to the elite’s sick blood rituals.

At the 2023 MTV Music Video Awards, industry pawn Lil Nas X made sure to promote the same agenda.

lilnas1 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

Lil Nas X wore a white dress at the VMAs (gender-blurring agenda) while holding a Bible (Christianity-mocking agenda). In other words, he’s an agenda-pushing pawn.

lilnas2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

Lil Yachty is yet another rapper participating in the feminization of rap by constantly wearing dresses.

lilnas3 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

The focus of this pic is on his pretty colorful nails. Gender-blurring.

Meanwhile, Sam Smith follows the same agenda while taking things to a whole other level of sickness.

smith Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

BRO. Seriously. Can Sam Smith look any more pedo on this? The tight shirt with a boy BITING AN APPLE? The TELETUBBIES boots? The shorts that should be sued for sexual aggression? They are being very open about their pedo ways.

Speaking of normalizing pedos, Warner Music “made history” by signing the first “virtual pop star”. If you think this is weird, it actually gets worse.

noonoouri1 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

She looks like a 12-year-old girl and she’s constantly sexualized in her music videos. It is very creepy to watch.

noonoouri2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

Appropriately enough, this creepy thing signed a deal with Balenciaga. Yes, this Balenciaga.

As usual, the one-eye sign was all over the place last month. Here are a few examples.

miley2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

Miley Cyrus recently posted one of the most obvious one-eye signs one can think of. Considering the fact that she is one of the most obvious industry slaves one can think of, it makes perfect sense. There’s a silver lining here: The comments on this post are incredibly encouraging.

Screenshot 2023 09 19 142441 e1695393107131 Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/23

Kristen McMenamy is a model who reached near-iconic status in the 1990s. Despite being 58 years old, she’s still modeling and is often featured in magazine photoshoots. However, there’s a price for this. Her Instagram account is full of one-eye signs and weird pics referring to Monarch programming. In this picture, the Monarch butterfly on her privates not-so-subtly alludes to Beta Kitten programming.

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