Michigan Voter Fraud More Widespread Than Previously Realized – Attorney General Dana Nessel and FBI Burying Explosive Issue


from The Conservative Treehouse:

The Gateway Pundit has been doing yeoman’s work covering the story of discovered voter fraud in Michigan and the state/fed level coverup that has followed. [SEE HERE]

The short version is that election fraud, discovered and put on blast by a clerk from Muskegon, Michigan, was happening under the same process throughout the state. The group “GBI Strategies”, that was at the center of the Muskegon fraud, was operating a fraudulent voter registration submission process throughout Michigan.

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The thousands of fraudulent registrations (Muskegon example) were part of a process to generate hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots (statewide).  Those fraudulent ballots were created and mailed out, then presumably returned and counted.  The “voters” never existed.

I don’t want to speak authoritatively about a situation I do not have strong research in.  However, go to GWP [First HERE] and the update [SEE HERE] to get a bigger understanding about how the GBI Strategies process worked.

I find the coverup operation interesting.   The locals called the state and ATF.  State AG Nessel called in state police.  State police contacted FBI. Four coverup silos were then created to eliminate the problem of the originating investigation, while AG Nessel ignores and pretends there is no fraud….  plausible deniability = ongoing investigation, sound familiar?

In essence, this is a Matryoshka doll. The local investigation covered up by state, covered by FBI, and the pesky detail of the ATF covered by same. The core of “voter fraud” buried under the layers of pretending.

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