News Outlets That Are Attacking “Sound of Freedom” Absolutely ADORED Pro-Pedophile Movie “Cuties”


by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

Satanic adoration, whether conscious or subconscious, compels people to see evil as good and good as evil. This is why the divide between the “good guys” and the “bad guys” on many issues is so stark. This is particularly true when the topics involve children. Nuance evaporates when discussing such polarizing subjects as child sacrifice (also known as abortion), permanent child genital mutilation (also known as gender-affirming care), and the topic du jour, child sex trafficking.


Even those on the demonic left who are not pedophiles themselves often find themselves defending pedophilia directly or indirectly. This is on its most blatant display with recent media attacks against the movie, “Sound of Freedom.”

Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard have put forth one of the most important movies of all time and the masses are heading to theaters to see it. But corporate media is gaslighting far beyond their normal levels of propaganda to try to prevent people from seeing the film. They’ve even tossed around the “dreaded” label of “QAnon” in order to gaslight people into making the false association.

As one might expect, the journalists who are going after “Sound of Freedom” the hardest were the same people who defended the Netflix movie “Cuties.” Where “Sound of Freedom” exposes the evils of the coordinated conspiracy surrounding child sex trafficking, “Cuties” was fodder for the sickos. Thankfully, many reacted by cancelling their Netflix accounts. As they should.

This is not a coincidence. Attacking a movie that tries to fight child sex trafficking and endorsing a movie that displays children in sexually compromised situations are similar activities. These journalists are complicit in child exploitation by trying to cover up the crimes while promoting new ones. According to Thomas Stevenson at The Post Millennial:

The Washington Post and Rolling Stone both came out criticizing the anti-child sex trafficking film, Sound of Freedom after its release. Both also praised another movie, Cuties, which depicts a twerking dance crew made up of little girls.

The articles that both the Washington Post and Rolling Stone released about Sound of Freedom accuse the film of being associated with QAnon conspiracy theories. The film is based on a portion of Tim Ballard’s life and the beginnings of him forming the organization, Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).

Rolling Stone said that actor Jim Caviezel, who depicts Ballard in the film, has given “speeches and interviews” about “evildoers who are harvesting the blood of children.”

The Post pointed out that the film has been “promoted on QAnon message boards” and plays into the theory that “global elites are kidnapping children, having sex with them and harvesting their blood.”

Ballard and Caviezel recently went on an interview with Jordan Peterson. Ballard also addressed this and explained that blood and organ harvesting is “very real.” He has posted a video showing a raid where this occurred in Western Africa.

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