Jim Caviezel reveals what Disney told him to do with references to God in ‘Count of Monte Cristo’


from WND:

‘Oh, so you’re one of those?’

Actor Jim Caviezel, a vocal Christian in a business not noted for its concerns for religion, revealed recently what took place behind the scenes of a Disney movie.

Caviezel had landed the role of Edmond Dantes in an adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas novel and found himself battling Disney executives over one word, according to Newsbusters.

“They wanted me to remove ‘God’ from all the script. True story … what happened to God? ‘God will give me justice,’” he said, quoting the book.

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“I had to say, no, I can’t do this,’” he said.

The response was vintage liberal Hollywood.

“Disney said, ‘Oh, so you’re one of those?’ I said, ‘One of those what? One of those who rewrite Alexandre Dumas? One of those who rewrite Shakespeare? because that’s essentially what you did,’” he said.

“So I held my ground, and by God they backed off,” he said.

Caviezel said believers have to be “strong Christians like that, to hold the ground when you have to, to say, ‘We’re not buying that product anymore.’”

That includes media lies, he said.

“Hunter Biden laptop, two years, you told us, not true … then it’s true. For seven years, we learn that Donald Trump is a Russian spy … Durham report drops … He’s not a Russian spy,” he said.

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