France is burning; a key conversation in the dark; liberals only


by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

My spying organization, Feral Dogs, Inc., successfully implanted pick-up nano-transmitters in the brains of key meta-ministers of France in 2015…

And we collected this conversation between two arch-aristocratic types in the wake of the recent explosion of protests across France, after the police shot and killed a teen, Nahel M:

—Why didn’t we have massive riots when jihadists committed murders in the streets a few years ago?


Because we weren’t supposed to.

And what about our importing of huge numbers of African migrants, who create no-go zones in their neighborhoods? We can’t integrate these people into French society. It’s impossible. They come here, and then they blame us for everything.

That’s the plan.

The plan?

To put France into chaos.

Oh. I see.

You get it now?

Yes. Well, that’s a relief. But still, the whole country’s burning. I don’t want to breathe bad air.

Get an oxygen device. One of the small ones. They work quite well.

Is Macron going to deploy the Army and crack down?

He’s awaiting orders.

I remember, a few years, one of our people suggested importing migrants from countries who hated the migrants that were already here. You know, to get them to wipe each other out. What happened to that?

We tried a pilot project. It failed. Some of them did kill each other, but they all directed their hatred at France, the French government, and the French people.

Is anyone reporting on the mass looting now?

Very few media outlets are stressing it. If migrants are raiding high-end shops and stealing shoes and handbags…that doesn’t say POLITICAL PROTEST. It just says THEFT. It’s counter-productive.

Can’t we just give everybody in France money?

It would cause deflation. Or inflation. Or both.

What is the EU saying about France burning down?

Not much. They have their own scandal at the moment. Bribes, payoffs. And I think the Germans would like to see France reduced to ashes.

We’re all supposed to be cooperating.

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