by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

A couple of weeks ago I commented both in my News and Views and in some subsequent written blogs on the recent op-ed piece in the Russia Today (RT) website by Professor Kaganarov, who basically argued that Russia must consider nuclear escalation and the “twenty-four steps” leading up to it, in its ongoing war with the West over the Ukraine. In arguing that Russia must consider everything including the nuclear option as being “on the table” , Kaganarov was really saying – as interpreted him – that everything else must also be components of Russia’s escalation strategy, including “horizontal” escalations, i.e., “responses in kind” against western provocations or involvement in asymmetrical  strikes on Russian targets. What does this mean?


Suppose, for example, that Russian authorities found conclusive evidence connecting not only the sponsorship of some western country in the Ukraine’s drone strikes on Russian territory, but the actual involvement of some western country in those strikes, either in the form of providing targeting support (which by the nature of the case would be space-based, limiting the “sponsoring” nation to but a few contenders) or actual covert boots-on-the-ground support to the Ukrainian units actually allegedly conducting the attacks. In that case, a “horizontal” response by Russia would be to conduct drone strikes against apartment complexes of that “sponsoring” country.

That, anyway, was more or less the way that I was reading Professor Kaganarov’s op-ed piece.

But now, P.T. has spotted and shared an article which indicates that this idea is not simply my own personal reading of Professor Kaganarov’s article, but rather, very possibly a topic of discussion at the very upper echelons of the Russian government, for it is coming from no less than former Russian Prime Minister and President Dmitri Medvedev, who is also currently on the Russian Federation’s security council as deputy chairman, and, let it be noted, who at one time was viewed by many in the western media as an “Atlanticist”, i.e., as someone within the Russian government predisposed to be favorable to the West and even in some assessments favorable to the designs of Mr. Globaloney.

Not any more, however:

A TOP Putin ally has called for a revenge bomb strike on Tower Bridge after today’s kamikaze drone strike on a key Crimean Bridge.

Now, apart from the sensational headline, I don’t for a moment think that the Russians would be so stupid as to approve a drone strike against the Tower Bridge over the Thames in London. For one thing, the British would be obliged to respond, and since they have a “thin bench” as far as conventional responses go, the Russians can easily respond to the British response, until their thin bench is exhausted, and the threshold quickly arrives at a point where the only British response to a Russian response is a nuclear one, and everyone is off and running.

So if you’re a cab driver or a bus driver or even a sight-seer strolling along the Thames or over the Tower Bridge, you can relax. You’re probably not going to be hit by a hyper-sonic Russian cruise missiles loaded with a couple thousand pounds of c-4 plastic explosive.

But if you’re anyone else in the Western leadership, you may want to do some serious reconsideration of your policy, because here’s what Mr. Medvedev – not known for being a blustering hothead – had to say according to The Sun. By way of a preparation for Mr. Medvedev’s remarks, we get this:

Russian foreign ministry puppet Maria Zakharova said: “The decision to attack the Crimean bridge is made by Ukrainian officials and the military, with the participation of American and British intelligence services.”

She alleged that Britain and the US were “in charge of the terrorist state structure” in Ukraine

Note that Ms. Zakharova is a “puppet”, while her counterparts in the UK or USSA are merely “spokespersons”. Uh huh.

But Medvedev was more considered, and in fact echoes something I’ve been warning about for some time: some times evil becomes so intoxicated with its own evil and its own success, that it can not be reasoned with, because there is really only one language it is capable of understanding:

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said: “The world and our own experience shows that it is impossible to fight terrorists with international sanctions, intimidation or exhortations.

“They only understand the language of power. Only personal and completely inhumane methods.

It doesn’t get much clearer folks. Mr. Medvedev, I strongly suspect, is reflective of the attitudes and policies being urged in the upper echelons of the Russian government, and it is one of those escalations on Professor Kaganarov’s scale of escalations: decapitation strikes against the organizers and leadership of such activities, in their own homes and those of the relatives of those leaders, whether those homes may be in Kiev…
…or “elsewhere”.
It will not begin immediately, nor even possibly in the following weeks or months, but it will beging, and it will begin with the odd news story here and there of a drone strike, or an automobile “accident that left suspected terror leader so-and-so” or a “suspected terrorist cell” dead, perhaps after a period of “interrogation” in which further contacts “higher up” the chain of command are outed. It will, if it continues along the normal path such activities typically take, eventually work itself up to the capi de capi at the table and, like mafia wars usually do, end up consuming the real bosses behind the conveniently placed palates of bricks or the “mostly peaceful fires” and lootings and riots.

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