American Churches Are Eerily Silent When The Country Needs Them Most


by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

I had a relatively marginal Christian upbringing as a child and really didn’t become interested in questions of a metaphysical nature until later in life. My relationship to organized religion has always been to meet it with skepticism. I appreciate the fundamental moral messages and the aspirations to care for your fellow man, but I often wonder if a theocratic system would just end up becoming another form of tyranny. There are so many elements of organized religion that can be exploited by evil people who want to use it for their own ends. Collectivism is collectivism, is it not?


I don’t think I became truly immersed in the concept of a creatively engineered universe until I started studying quantum physics and Jungian psychology – Then I realized, there was FAR too much synchronicity in the world, far too much evidence that there is some kind of design, some kind of plan to life. I might not understand what the plan is, but I can see the mathematical and psychological fingerprints of what one might call “God.”

It’s the reason I could never take atheism seriously. The claim of atheism has long been that the philosophy has nothing to do with faith and everything to do with evidence. Yet, every time I see an atheist confronted with evidence of creative design, they dismiss it blindly. This kind of ignorance has always been more horrifying to me that anything else – The notion of “scientific cultism” and tyranny hiding behind false claims of logic and rationalism.

I’m explaining my position on this issue to drive home the fact that I do not hold any affiliation to any particular church or religious group. I will defend Christianity when I feel it deserves to be defended, and I will criticize Christianity when I feel certain groups or church leaders have gone astray.  For example, anyone who reads my work knows I have outlined evidence that the Pope is an utter fraud and a globalist puppet.  There are wolves in sheep’s clothing within every belief system.

So, when I say I hear a deafening silence among Christian churches when it comes to the political and social climate today, this is coming from someone who is NOT quick to call for theocratic intervention. Even I find the lack of faith…disturbing.

But maybe I need to qualify my concerns a little more? How about the sudden rise of Unitarian and progressive groups making a mockery of churches and co-opting Christian ceremonies to include woke propaganda, LGBT Marxism and moral relativism? Where is the organized response from Christians on this development?

These are not isolated incidents – The woke cult is creating their own religion by hijacking the religions of others. Not because they want to find inner peace, but because they see the church as a center of power and they want a piece of that action.

Why isn’t there a mass call for Christian churches to reject the woke invasion? Why isn’t there a consortium of Christian leaders moving to denounce these fake churches, making sure that the public knows they do not associate with these groups? Where is the call to action? If it exists, I’m not seeing it anywhere. And let’s be clear – If there was ever a time for the Christian community to gain a wider membership, it would be now as the world enters a state of perpetual chaos. Yet, their response is muted and scattered.

Consider for a moment the proliferation in the western world of ideals which I can only describe as luciferian in nature – The notion that pride and narcissism are virtues and that human beings are meant to be gods. The notion that children’s bodies are a gender fluid laboratory for insane medical practitioners that deny the unassailable laws of biology and engage in mass sterilization. The notion that humanity must one day be replaced by machine thinking that disregards reason and moral compass for the sake of cold and sociopathic “efficiency.”

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