World Societal Destruction is Underway


by Madame DeFarge, The Burning Platform:

The entire world structure is undergoing major changes.  First there is a self appointed elite that have tried to eliminate populations with biological warfare. Next the financial system is undergoing a huge systemic change. World political alliances are rearranging themselves and the western cultural domination is being overrun by barbarian hordes. Cultural morality has been devolving and government growing since the first hunters paid a thug for protecting their kill and we have a front row seat for our own accelerating debacle.


Humanity consists of those that produce, those that count and those that steal.  Currently those that steal are in control creating a nebulous environment for the future.

Survival, leisure and wealth, are the focus of humanity. What will you pay for mediocre protection from your fellows? Is it a guaranteed investment?  Government has evolved from paid protection to an extortion racket that provides minimal returns for the extorted. This has allowed societal decay to accelerate. Will a Great Awakening again climb to the fore or will the rot continue? The loss of Christian culture by allowing primitives to overwhelm our culture has eliminated the foundation of our society.

Despite the propaganda we suffer daily, the greatest source of learning, wealth and power in history has been the white race.  The white race is also the greatest source of its’ own destruction.  We often observe the tribal loyalties in the African and Oriental civilizations.  The historic white tribes are both the most numerous and jealous of all. We have Irish, English, Scots, Scandinavians, Gauls, Dutch, Germans, Czechs, Hungarians, Poles, Italians and Russians to name a few.  Wars of extermination of rival tribes have been the rule for millennia.  Military expertise and deep pockets have laid the world open for our domination on economic, religious and cultural levels.  The only factor inhibiting continuing this domination is our intercine tribal greed. The large number of rival tribes have forced innovation for defense which overcame cultural inertia and accounted for the rapid expansion of technology, wealth and power beginning with the Renaissance.

Today, Western civilization has created bureaucrats and experts that impede innovation. Thus the domination of one tribe has never been maintained for long because the energies of the hierarchy are spent battling clerks’ inertia in their own self interest.

Our systems were so unique that other cultures have mimicked them as closely as possible.  Those that have not are insignificant. Now the ultimate war is descending upon us rather quickly as parasitic countries shake free of the New World Order (™) towards a nebulous new leader in Peking.  It will create global wars and civil wars that will determine life on the planet for centuries.  This will not only include final determination of the identity of the dominant white tribe, it will also determine whether a ruling elite will sit on a throne or gather in forums and whine about what was.

War is a concept that has many definitions.  It can range from a sword and slaughter to elimination by starvation.  With 8 billion mouths to feed, there is now a much narrower window for error.  We are fortunate to be able to observe several different cultural models that operate today for an inkling of the future governmental structures.

Today the war in Ukraine is an extension of a border conflict that has continued for hundreds of years and if it ended tomorrow, the countdown to the next round would commence immediately. Modern military wars starting with our Civil War have lasted about two years before the finances, economies and public support begin to deteriorate.  Most countries have to negotiate a way out and hang the politicians who created the disaster.  This is the reason the propaganda departments are so important.  They try to disguise the dissolving society that marched off to war with great confidence last year and has now lost enthusiasm for lining the nobilities’ pockets at the cost of their labors and blood. Who picks up the pieces?

Our useless wars of the past 120 years have enriched a small percentage of the country financially. They have also supported the cancerous growth of the academic complex which has eliminated our unique governmental and social structure.  It is rule by the intellectual parasitic class of experts.  As with all rulers the first priority is self protection.  The complex created by the alliance of academics with the financial class that also does not wish to be responsible for its’ incompetence  has been a perfect marriage. It is attempted financial and social revolution without responsibility!

Unfortunately for the average US citizen this war game is rapidly coming to an end.  The engine of power of US world domination is beginning to wear out.  The rats are beginning to abandon ship. The second and third world countries have smelled the rotting corpse and are attempting to join new alliances for their own survival.  There are many types of governments and countries with different attributes casting about for a new host.  Watching them marry and divorce will be an entertaining spectacle while we sink further into irrelevance.  Another Great Awakening is necessary to avoid another horror.

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