Rainbow Flag Burned at a School Is a “Hate Crime.” Burning U.S. Flag? That’s “Protected Speech.”


by Selwyn Duke, The New American:

You can tell much about a society by what its establishment is sensitive to. For example, while Major League Baseball dropped the Chief Wahoo logo and other American Indian symbols, the Los Angeles Dodgers doesn’t appear to have a problem honoring the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” whose very purpose is to mock the faith of 62 million Americans. Then there’s this, also out of the City of Angels:

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In 2020, Black Lives Matter-affiliated protesters burned an American flag on camera, an act the Supreme Court has called “protected speech.” More recently, May 22 morn, the sexual devolutionary banner euphemistically known as a “pride flag” was found burned at a North Hollywood school. Yet this act the authorities call something else: a “hate crime.”

In fact, the Los Angeles Police Department has launched a “hate crime” investigation and is seeking the perpetrator(s).

The banner was burned in the run-up to a “Pride Month” assembly. Per Newsweek:

The burned rainbow flag, which was placed in a plant pot outside a classroom at Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood, California, was discovered by school staff….

“The investigation is ongoing. It is a vandalism hate crime. The hate crime is still significant but it is a misdemeanor,” LAPD’s Valley Bureau Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton said on Saturday, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. Hamilton said that it is not clear when the flag was burned and there are currently no suspects in the case.

Notorious California congressman and ex-Trump impeachment manager Adam Schiff, he of the sanpaku eyes, was among those expressing outrage over the incident (while apparently having said nothing about the American flag’s burning). On Tuesday he tweeted a statement in which he said he’s “deeply distressed” by the act; he also included the usual boilerplate talking points about how every “child deserves safety and acceptance” (unless that child happens to be in a womb) and how hate “has no place in our schools and communities” (unless it’s miscreants Burning, Looting, and Murdering because they hate Trump or America).

The May 22 incident qualifies as a “hate crime” because it meets the criteria of, Newsweek writes, “California Penal Code 422.55 [which] states that a hate crime is defined as ‘committing crimes due to the offender’s perceptions about the victim’s traits,’ according to the law offices of Randy Collins’ website.”

The page added “that the traits that are often central to the crimes include the victim’s ‘national origin, race or ethnic group, religious beliefs or sex lifestyle or orientation,’” Newsweek continued.

One could ask, though, doesn’t the American flag’s burning relate to national origin? It’s sometimes done overseas, do note, by people who hate Americans.

To be clear, the 2020 American flag’s immolation was different legally speaking because it wasn’t done within the context of a crime, whereas the rainbow banner’s burning occurred within the context of “vandalism”; thus, a hate-crime “enhancement,” as it’s called, could be applied.

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