Marjorie Taylor Greene Outlines the FBI Document She Reviewed Highlighting Bribes to Joe Biden and Family – Video and Transcript


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Amid all the furor of the corrupt and political indictment against President Trump, Congress was permitted to read the witness statement from a Confidential Human Source who outlined allegations of bribery in testimony to FBI agents.

The FD-1023 report was written by FBI investigators in July of 2020.  It became an issue after the FBI seemingly took no action, and then recently claimed to be “investigating” the claims of the “highly credible” FBI source.  Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) reviewed the report and then gave her impression to the media.  Video and Transcript below. WATCH:


Transcript: Reading this form (FBI’s FD-1023) today shows the pure distinction.

This information this source that came forward. It’s a paid informant by the FBI. This has nothing to do with Giuliani. This has nothing to do with the information that he brought forward in 2020. It’s totally separate and it’s extremely incredible because he’s a paid informant.

I made some notes after I left the skiff based on the information and I’ll share that with you guys right now.

Basically, what was happening there is back in 2015 2016 Burisma was looking to buy a US based oil and gas company, and this came from being advised by Hunter Biden and his partners.

(Joe) Biden said Shokan was corrupt. That was around the time of this meeting was when Joe Biden was Vice President had said that the prosecutor Shogun was correct.
They hired Hunter on the board to make the problems go away. That’s what they specifically said.

Hunter advised that they can raise more money if they bought a US company.

So the informant was trying to do the right thing and trying to advise Burisma that they shouldn’t go this route but they should hire an attorney to work out their problems that they were being investigated for because they were having other legal problems. And that’s why they were being investigated by this prosecutor Shokin that it was advising them don’t go this route.

Why would you buy another US company while you’re under investigation? That’s not a good idea. So he’s trying to tell him to do the right thing.

The owner of Burisma said that Hunter was stupid and that his other business partner was smart.

He also said that he paid $5 million to one Biden and he paid $5 million to another Biden and it was all a bribery to get Shokin fired and end the investigation into Burisma.

He also told the informant This is common practice in Russia in Ukraine, common practice, it’s part of business there are other cultural works, that they will pay bribery money in order to get business deals done. And then many businesses, they take that into account they put in their budget, basically, when they’re preparing to buy another company or start another company, that that’s just normal.

And so over in Ukraine, for them to consider hiring Hunter Biden on the board in order to make their problems go away, which was the prosecutor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma for corruption and legal problems.

This was definitely illegal for a vice president of the United States and their family members.

The informant had asked the owner of Burisma if he was happy that Trump won and he said no he was not happy. Remember, he had invested a lot of money into the Biden’s to make these problems go away. But he did say that it would take 10 years for all of us to find out about the payments that were made to the Bidens. Because of how many bank accounts there were.

He said at the time, there were no direct payments made to big guy but at the meeting later, after he had become more upset as things are unfolding, he told that informant that he has two pieces of evidence showing proof of payment to Hunter and specifically Joe Biden.

You see, I think what everyone needs to understand is their business. Whether they perform their business in a legal manner or correct manner, they always keep records of their business payments, accounts and receivables that’s how it’s done and this owner and Burisma pepper record, especially at the bribes and if you’re in an industry where you have to pay bribes to get your business deals done.

You always want to keep a record and keep proof of your brides because that’s how you make sure you get people to follow through on whether it was done.
What I read today is again shocking just as what I read in the treasury department with all the SARS is shocking. But we are going to continue following this investigation.

We’re going to continue to look into every single thing that we can uncover.

We need the FBI to keep cooperating with us that’s extremely important. And I have very high expectations of Christopher Wray that will do the right thing and continue showing us the information that we’re asking for.

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