Jamie Foxx reportedly BLINDED and partially PARALYZED after coerced into taking covid vaccine jab


by Mike Adams, Natural News:

In a recent appearance on “Ask Dr. Drew,” celebrity journalist A. J. Benza revealed that Jamie Foxx was rendered blind and partially paralyzed after taking a covid-19 vaccine jab that was demanded of him by a film studio. Benza reveals that the entire media establishment is lying about Foxx’s condition in order to cover up the truth about vaccine dangers, and that Foxx’s own family members are covering for him and refusing the reveal the truth about the actor’s medical condition.

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Stating that his source was “in the room” with Foxx (seemingly, in the hospital room), Benza explains that Jamie, “Did not want the shot but with the movie he was on, he was pressured to get it.”

He adds that, “The blood clot in the brain… caused him to be partially paralyzed and blind.”

Currently, the Foxx family is claiming that Jamie Foxx is “communicating,” which could mean he is able to squeeze with his hand, for example, or that he could vocalize in some way.

The fact that we have not seen any video from Foxx himself, declaring himself to be healthy and fine, in his own words, indicates that Foxx has suffered a severe medical catastrophe after taking the vaccine jab. It would not be a leap to conclude that Foxx is unable to speak in a coherent manner, although with retraining, many stroke victims can make great strides in re-learning how to speak (i.e. vocalization motor control).

We pray for Jamie Foxx to experience a speedy recovery and wish no harm upon Foxx or any other vaccine victim. In fact, we have dedicated our efforts to preventing people from suffering from vaccine damage by daring to tell the truth about vaccine dangers, toxicity and deaths. Had Jamie Foxx read Natural News, we believe, he would have rejected the toxic jab and would be healthy at this very moment.

Vaccines destroy lives.

Watch the short clip from Ask Dr. Drew (with AJ Benza) here:

The vaccine industry will bury Jamie Foxx to cover up the truth about vaccine-induced damage and disabilities

Have no illusions that the entire genocidal vaccine establishment is working overtime to cover all this up and try to make sure that nobody finds out the truth about Jamie Foxx’s life reportedly being destroyed by the very same vaccines that have been relentlessly pushed by the payola media and the criminal FDA.

As I say in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News (see below), “Black Americans should know better than to trust the medical establishment with experimental jabs.” Did Foxx not know about the history of Tuskegee? Medical experiments on black prisoners? Black Army soldiers? Black citizens?

For any black man or woman to take any experimental medical jab is to surrender your life to a medical cartel that has systematically tried to carry out genocide against people of color, including via abortions. Planned Parenthood’s founder referred to blacks as “human weeds” and promoted abortion as a means of committing mass murder targeting black babies before they were born.

Not surprisingly, covid vaccine uptake among black Americans has been noticeably lower than among whites. For whatever reason, white people tend to be incredibly gullible and often believe in false authority. Blacks, in contrast, are usually more discerning about trusting “government officials,” for obvious reasons.

Regardless of your skin color or ethnicity, trusting the vaccine industry with your life is a foolish gambit. Many of those who rolled the dice have paid with their lives. Others are paying the price with lifelong disabilities and injuries caused by experimental mRNA injections. And the truly informed people know that covid-19 “vaccine” are engineered bioweapons intended to achieve human depopulation.

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