Glamour magazine features pregnant “man” cover model for Pride Month


from Not The Bee:

You guys, this is getting a little ridiculous. Since when is a pregnant man something we celebrate during pride month? Like, this stuff is straight out of the circus but somehow — and I don’t know when it happened — here we are celebrating a chick who cut off her boobs and made herself look like a man and then got herself pregnant.


[Warning: Post-Mastectomy Photos]

Why are we celebrating this?

What makes this progressive?

I’m genuinely curious, because I don’t think everyday liberals, progressives — whatever they want to call themselves — I don’t think they’re really into supporting this kind of stuff when it comes down to it.

I think they realize how strange it is but they don’t want to say anything because they might be rejected by their peers.

Yet this is what they’re supporting with their silence:

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