Get Ready for “Worst Cyber Attack In Recent World History”! Hackers to Bring Down Europe’s Banking


by Brewer55, The Burning Platform:

The leader of Killnet, hiding under the nickname Killmilk, confirmed to that preparations for the attack are already underway. It is expected to start within the next 48 hours.

The representative of Revil, in turn, stated that “the world has gone crazy”, and the reason for this, in his opinion, was money. He also stated that it is the European banking system that governs the EU.

“No money, no problem. Revil is sufficiently familiar with the European financial infrastructure, ”the representative of the group threatened.


The Anonymous Sudan member also noted that European financial institutions will witness “the worst cyberattack in recent world history.” He urged them to be ready for the coming strike, and also stated that when it comes, “it will be too late to fix anything.”

Klaus Schwab’s promise…er…warning, 2 years ago.


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