Eric Adams Wants to Quarter Illegal Aliens in Private Homes


from Moonbattery:

Eric Adams, floundering left-wing mayor of the sanctuary city New York, wants to quarter some of the millions of unlawful invaders his party has invited across the undefended border in private homes:

Adams didn’t offer up specifics on how the plan would work – including how much New Yorkers could potentially receive per night to cover the cost of hosting a migrant. …

He did say, however, that the city would pay places of worship a nightly rate of about $125 for each asylum seeker – which is cheaper than the $380 it costs to put up a migrant household – including a family with kids or just single adults – in one of its shelter hotels.


Considering that 2,200 invaders showed up at NYC shelters last week alone, taxpayers will have to cough up plenty.

After the last taxpayer escapes New York, programs like this will have to go federal. Then taxpayers won’t be needed; Joe Biden can just print the money.

Harboring aliens is a federal crime (Title 8 US Code § 1324). But laws are irrelevant under rulers who recruit illegal aliens as police officers and dispense free drug fiend paraphernalia via vending machines.

NYC Council Republican leader Joe Borelli posted on social media: “What are the goals? When do we stop paying? What is the off-ramp?”

The only off-ramp is the total overthrow of liberal rule.

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