“Directed Evolution”: In Lockstep Towards the Abyss


by Peter Koenig, Global Research:

These quotations taken from the following video production, brilliantly reflect what is going on today: 

“Directed Evolution”, Final Days
Worldwide Premiere, Stew Peters, Nano-architectonics Explained, (Matthew Skow, Nick Stumphauzer – BitChute video 1:05:06 – 1 June 2023).

“The Power of Technology has already destroyed the Foundation of Civilization.”

“The Technological Cycle – is the progression from man to Machine.”

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“The Demonic Intent is to weaken us on a civilizational level.”

“The Demonic Intent – the fine print. The true motivation.”

“The devil has the power to grant us material things, but only if we accept his pact.”

“Giving you some measure of material power is easy for the devil, because in the end he gets exactly what he wants.”

“Our soul cannot be stolen, unless we give it away.”

“Have you ever signed a Terms of Agreement without reading it? – Then it may already be too late.”

“There are always two sides to the demonic pact. The initial and beneficial effect, and the payment.”

“The full extent of this cost is hidden. You may find out when it is already too late.”

“We are destroying the planet along with our own minds and bodies.”

“It is the soul of the fool, who dares to dance with the devil.”


What better proof of “dancing with the devil” than true life examples.

“Hell is Empty, The Devils are All Here”, William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act 1, Scene 2

The Gothard Base Tunnel 

Watch this 6-min video clip of the Gotthard Base Tunnel Opening Ceremony, on 1 June 2016, in Switzerland prior to viewing “Directed Evolution”, Final Days. 

This was one of the most blatant announcements of what was to come just 4 years later. Hardly anybody noticed at the time. Most people in Switzerland ignored it. They still ignore it today. The “Luciferian Event” was attended by high-level politicians and celebrities from all over Europe, and some from other parts of the world.

The event was sponsored by the Swiss Government at a cost of about CHF 8 million (US$ 8.3 million).

The entire Swiss Government, Federal Council and some Swiss Congress people were present at the Gotthard inauguration.

Also present were Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s François Hollande, Italy’s Matteo Renzi, and Austrian chancellor Christian Kern. The European Union was represented by Transport Commissioner, Violeta Bulc. Most likely other European and world politicians and celebrities were also participating. There were around 500 VIPs and “famous people” on the first train passing through the tunnel.

In addition, the event attracted a press pool of more than 300 journalists from all over the world, Europe, the US and as far away as China, Russia, Kuwait, Turkey, Japan, and more.

The presumed “Death Cult” cannot succeed, nor survive, without warning us all the time. This is a condition of their “underworld existence”. And warnings we have received many over the past hundred years, or so. We have ignored most of them.

Granted, talking about “a dark diabolical Cult”, responsible for what humanity is going through since the beginning of 2020, calling The Great ResetThe UN Agenda 2030, and ultimately the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an evil-spirited and inspired plan, sounds for most like “conspiracy theory”.

It is not.

In fact, what is going on is an “evil conspiracy” of the most extreme and potentially final form, if We the People let it happen.

But, without We, the People, being aware of what is going on, we cannot stop it.

Despite all repeated warnings that the Cult must give us – see for example the Gotthard tunnel inauguration, video above – we have been too complacent, not paying attention, being diverted by material things, by little pleasures, like “catching-up” after the three years of covid restrictions, with spending money on consumerism, travel, “gourmand” wishes, in short: We deserve it. That is what we think.

Do we really deserve it?

Nothing comes from nothing.

Don’t you think this is part of the diabolical plan?

Giving us a retrieve after the Covid disaster? Diverting our attention with a trip to an exotic island; a perfect diversion from their final plan being prepared underground or behind black curtains?

To continue deserving a decent biological life, as we have known up to the designated “evil decade” 2020-2030, or the Great Reset – intimately linked to the 4th Industrial Revolution, we must work for it, for ourselves and foremost for our kids and their children.

The transformations planned by the upper spheres of the financial establishment through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and synthetic biology, will not just rest within our generation. They are passed on to future generations with the deadly extermination effects, as we are being warned about NOW. See below.

All the while we are engulfed in pleasure-catching-up pastimes, the monstrous bulldozer of transforming the surviving humans into controllable and manipulable transhumans continues, RELENTLESSLY. Please, do not be fooled. Open your eyes.

The two principal participants in this mind-boggling presentation of “Final Days” – what may also be called “Directed Evolution” – are Dr. Karen Kingston, former Pfizer, employee and biotech analyst, talking about synthetic biology, and Dr. Ana Mihalcea, researcher into nanotechnology injected with the C19 “vaxxes” during the plandemic. She talks about blood clots discovered in living patients containing hydrogel. We are witnessing the merging of synthetic biology with human biology, she says.

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