by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

One of our regular readers and contributors, M.D., spotted this article, and I knew why when I read it, and if you’ve been following my recent interviews with friend and colleague Walter Bosley or reading my latest Giza Death Star Revisited book, you’ll want to read this article, because it seems that DARPA (The Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Projects Agency) is tremendously interested in in “time crystals” for reasons that are “classified”:

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DARPA Is Researching Time Crystals, And Their Reasons Are ‘Classified’

If one does not know what time crystals are, think of them as being just like a crystal in space, only the lattice property that is typical to a crystal in space now occurs as a property of an object that repeats a particular lattice structure at regular periods of time:

Put simply, time crystals are made up of atoms with constantly oscillating spins.

These atoms flip flop, or ‘jiggle’ in the presence of a regular force, such as an electric field keeping them ticking along – just think of it like a plate of Jell-O wobbling when you tap it.

The article points out that DARPA is researching these mysterious types of crystals, no doubt as part of the US military’s effort to achieve “full spectrum dominance,” including the ability to dominate time itself.

But what would such “temporal dominance” look like? The article goes into all sorts of speculations about why DARPA is interested in time crystals, including their possible use, as non-equilibrium systems, in detecting underground tunnels and such due to minute fluctuations in detectable energy returns, fluctuations that can only be measured by extremely precise temporal measurements. Whatever the reasons are, DARPA isn’t discussing them because they’re classified:

… what could DARPA possibly want with these things?

Well, the answer isn’t totally clear.

“There might be applications related to measuring things with exquisite sensitivity in time and magnetic field domains,” Ale Lukaszew, DARPA program manager, told Ryan F. Mandelbaum over at Gizmodo.

“Not a lot of these applications are open for discussion.”

In other words – it’s classified.

Now I must be quite honest folks. I think all of the above, while certainly possible, and certainly reasons why DARPA would keep its interest classified, is a colossal case of misdirection, because the most obvious use of such time crystals would be precisely for a kind of temporal warfare such as I suggested in recent interviews about The Giza Death Star Revisited.  Indeed, the article itself suggests this usage, and I contend that this is the ultimate reason for DARPA’s interest. Indeed, the following statement from the article puts the principle bluntly and clearly:

These atoms flip flop, or ‘jiggle’ in the presence of a regular force, such as an electric field keeping them ticking along – just think of it like a plate of Jell-O wobbling when you tap it.

But what’s very odd about them is that the oscillation doesn’t necessarily line up with the tick of the field. For example, the time crystals made last year flipped only half as fast as the tick driving them.

“Wouldn’t it be super weird if you jiggled the Jell-O and found that somehow it responded at a different period?” explained one of the researchers behind the discovery, Norman Yao, from the University of California, Berkeley.  (emphasis added)
In other words, imagine creating a time crystal that allowed you to “thump” a bowl of Jell-O, and to determined the precise time that the thump would make the Jell0 wiggle? Suppose you could thump the bowl of Jello at lunch, and it only wiggled in response to that thump at dinner time?
By the same token, imagine hitting a target with a strong pressure wave pulse, like a particularly strong P-wave pulse in an earthquake, only that pulse, due to the mediation of a time crystal, only arrives at the target much much later (say, a decade, or a century, or even perhaps a millennium later)?  And then imagine, just for real high octane speculation, that if you could figure out how to confect the lattice structure of a crystal to allow such things to happen, that you got really good at structuring a lattice structure, and discovered that it could be used to project such a pulse “in reverse”, a kind of “phase conjugate time crystal”, where the pulse occurs at a particular time, and then moves forward, and backward, from there….

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