Banana Republic USA Indicts Former President Trump – Let the Games Begin!


by Ilana Freedman, America Outloud:

The federal bureaucrats in the Department of Justice and the FBI have made the rules of the game obsolete and irrelevant. They bend the rules or ignore them entirely, they lie, they cheat, and they destroy whoever gets in their way. Donald Trump is their primary target, and they have now crossed the line that once separated America from the banana republics of the world.

The Democrats’ lawless campaign to destroy Donald Trump has taken a bizarre and dangerous turn. On June 8th, Trump reported on a Truth Social post that the Department of Justice has indicted him, and he has been ordered to appear in federal court in Miami on Tuesday at 3 p.m.


This is just the next stage of the agency’s years-long effort to defeat him altogether before he has another opportunity to run in the 2024 presidential elections. Although the terms of the indictment have not been made public yet, they are believed to relate to the supposed mishandling of classified documents by the former President. They may also include obstruction and, most seriously, his possible breach of the Espionage Act. There is little doubt that they will try to charge him with every crime possible – whatever it takes to bring him down.

Unlike earlier indictments to which Trump has been subjected, which were fraudulent on their face and which failed to convict him, this new assault is based on more serious process charges that should never even be considered in the case of a former president.

There is an apparent inequity between the way in which the DOJ and the FBI deal with the handling of classified materials, depending on whether they were removed and kept by President Trump or by then-Vice-President Joe Biden. The difference is stark. Where Trump has been hounded and harassed about the documents since the day his home was invaded by the FBI, Biden’s possession of classified documents is wholly overlooked.

And Biden’s financial crimes, including graft, bribery, collusion, and extortion, have been entirely ignored by the DOJ. It all points to the blatant political bias of those federal bureaucrats that define their work and their handling of what should be clearly defined behavior by elected officials.

Trump claimed that, as President, he had the authority under law to declassify documents before leaving office. The American Bar Association studied the matter and agreed. They wrote that under the Presidential Records Act (44 USC Chapter 22). “Presidents have broad authority to formally declassify most documents that are not statutorily protected while they are in office.” Trump made no secret of what he was going to do. In a January 19, 2021 memo, he wrote that he was going to declassify “certain materials related to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation.”

“That investigation was all about the “Russia-Russia” hoax, an attack on Trump that depended on fabricated stories and outright lies about Trump’s supposed (and false) collusion with the Russians. The Durham Report finally put that fantasy to rest. Nevertheless, the DOJ is now coming after Trump in another chapter of their long anti-Trump saga that began with “Russia-Russia.”

On the other hand, not long after the FBI raided Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, classified documents from Biden’s Vice-Presidential tenure were found in several places, not the least of which was in the unsecured garage in his Delaware home. As Vice-President, Biden had no authority to declassify documents or to keep them after he left office, and having them in his possession at all was a clear violation of the law. Not surprisingly, the FBI has shown little interest in this much more egregious law-breaking by the sitting President. Their only target is Donald Trump.

The rampant corruption among senior officials at the FBI and the DOJ has been characterized by its unbridled harassment of Trump, from the first day of his presidential campaign, throughout his Presidency, and long after he left the White House. They appear to be terrified that he will win the 2024 election and, as President, he will go after them as he sets about cleaning house in Washington. Their actions are those of people in panic, throwing everything at Trump that they can think of, breaking laws as they approach their final effort – to accuse him of treason.

Corruption in these two government agencies has gone far beyond what is even remotely acceptable and needs to be pulled out by its roots. The criminal activity that permeates their upper levels of bureaucracy must be stopped completely, the people responsible must be fired and punished under the law, and the agencies need to be reorganized from the ground up.

Such corruption threatens the duly elected federal government, overrides the will of the people, and cannot be allowed to stand in a free society. We are not the old Soviet Union. We are not the subjects of the federal government. The federal government must be answerable to the people, not the other way around.

It is difficult to predict what the outcome of this indictment will be. But the unintended consequences of such blatant malfeasance and intolerable arrogance on the part of unelected bureaucrats may well be the greatest irony of all: that an enraged populace of American voters may well bring the weight of their anger to the polls in November 2024 in unprecedented numbers and re-elect Donald Trump to a second term in a historic landslide.

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