As Expected Twitter Begins Limiting Reach of Content Critical of Ron DeSantis


from The Conservative Treehouse:

Everything is connected to the economics and financials of the thing.  This is the one guiding truth that underlines every curiosity of human nature.  If you want to understand behavior, follow the money.

An example surfaces today [SOURCE HERE] highlighting the background hands of those who seek to control public opinion.  This is the psychological operation that we see through every mechanism under the command and control of interests who have vested financial stakes.  Notice the disclaimer.:


“Visibility limited: this Tweet may violate Twitter’s rules against Hateful Conduct”

Yeah, we can’t have people sharing honest, albeit softly critical, opinion of Ron DeSantis because they become a threat – ergo, hateful conduct.

Comrade, wrong thoughts require reeducation.  In the bigger picture, this is all part of the control mechanisms operating to influence the 2024 election.  And yes, Elon Musk is very much a part of it just like the DHS operatives that controlled the platform before he arrived.


I am not going to spend time dwelling on it, but I am going to keep pointing out the strings on the puppets so that more people start to see them.  Once you see the strings on the marionettes, you cannot watch the performance and simultaneously return your brain to that moment in time before you noticed them.

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