Another Trump Witch Hunt Indictment, Biden Bribes, War Closer


by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Another witch hunt indictment for Donald Trump for what looks like yet another made-up crime to get rid of the top 2024 presidential contender.  Trump calls this “election interference at the highest level.”  Trump says he is “innocent,” but prosecutors charged him with seven crimes anyway.  The only good news is the federal case against Trump is in Florida.  So, a convicting jury pool is going to be hard to corral.

Meanwhile, the Hunter Biden laptop allegations go uninvestigated, and Joe Biden is allegedly guilty of taking millions of dollars in actual bribes, according to new documents released this week.  The FBI has been sitting on this case that only came to the surface because FBI Head Chris Wray was forced to release it under threat of Contempt of Congress.  The person who says he is the one who bribed Joe Biden $5 million is the star witness.  Yet, the FBI was not interested in prosecution.  A real president has fake charges put on him, and a fake president has real charges ignored.  Yeah, that’s fair.


The Lying Legacy Media (LLM) has gaslit the public so badly on Ukraine they do not know how dire the situation really is and how close we are to a much wider war.  The Ukrainians are mounting what looks like a last ditch effort to kick out the Russians, and they are being cremated once again.  NATO is reverting to more terrorism like blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline, but this time they blew up the Nova Kakhovka Dam that supplies water to Crimea.  The dam was built by Russia, but NATO wants you to believe it blew up its own infrastructure just like the Nord pipeline last year.  Will NATO launch a desperate strike on Russia while holding exercises next week in what is called Air Defender 2023?  Will NATO think this is the perfect cover to launch another stupid attack that will bring the world closer to nuclear war?  The fun starts next Monday.

There is much more in the 54-minute news cast.

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