Uniparty anti-humans have big plans for Crimea


by Jordan Schachtel, The Dossier:

As part of their marketing to support Ukraine’s reportedly planned military counteroffensive against Russia, the anti-humans in Washington, D.C. have presented some very bold plans for the fulfillment of their Slava Slush Fund.

If you thought the Beltway class learned anything moral or productive from the boondoggles, fiascos, and human tragedies of their post 9/11/01 foreign policy decisions, think again.

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These ruling class think tankers, politicians, defense industry lobbyists, and the like are now explicitly calling for Ukraine to proceed with a military invasion into the territory of Crimea.

From a strategic perspective, such an endeavor would be painfully unwise. It is difficult to analyze the state of the conflict given the consistently heavy fog of war and propaganda streams running through Eastern Europe, but it’s become pretty clear that Ukraine is not winning this fight and is in no position to escalate this war beyond its current boundaries. There is no doubt that the city of Kiev would become enveloped into the skirmish, and that much of western Ukraine, which has remained largely unencumbered by the war, would suffer tremendously as a result.

Now to the more important element: the human element.

Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014 without much resistance because the civilian population in Crimea has no issue living under the Russian flag. This is critical to understand in the context of the noise emanating from D.C world. A Ukrainian invasion of Crimea would likely be met by ferocious resistance not just from Russian military forces, but from the citizens of Crimea too.

Therefore, the Beltway class is encouraging Kiev to embark upon nothing less than a blood soaked, scorched earth campaign against Moscow. Of course, the people insisting upon what would amount to a genocidal operation in Crimea have no plans to join the fight in Ukraine, choosing to “support” Ukraine from 5,000 miles away instead.

Again, attempting such a feat would require nothing short of human tragedy on an unbelievable scale. In the miraculous event that Ukrainian forces could secure this strategically important plot of land, they would have to force their way through a civilian population that is completely hostile to Kiev rule.

The war racketeers, who come from both Republican and Democrat political establishments, and more broadly, from NATO aligned countries, know very well that the end result of what they want is the massacre of what could amount to millions of human beings.

Wherever you stand on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the protection of human life should at the very least be kept in mind before any other considerations. This is why we correctly identify many in the Beltway class as anti-humans, given their track record and continuing advocacy for death and destruction. They are more than happy to trade a few million Slavic souls for power, influence, and money.

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