The Kennedy Assassination That No One Ever Talks About


from State Of The Nation:

JFK and RFK are not the only sons of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. who were brutally assassinated by the Khazarian Mafia

Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace
SOTN Exclusive

Who doesn’t know that Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. ardently wanted his eldest son — Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. — to become the first Catholic president of the United States?


However, what few folks, even those in the know, are aware of is that there was a conspiratorial plot hatched by the Roosevelt family to prevent that political ambition from ever being realized.

President Roosevelt rather ignominiously fired Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. (JPK Sr.) as the US ambassador to Great Britain in October of 1940 after his 2.5 years of service in London.  This event led to the following development in the very complicated relationship between the highly influential Kennedy family and the powerful Roosevelt clan.

“Throughout the rest of World War II, relations between Joe Kennedy Sr. and the Roosevelt Administration remained tense, especially when Joe Jr. vocally opposed President Roosevelt’s unprecedented nomination for a third term, which began in 1941.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had always been aware of Joe Kennedy Sr’s lifelong ambition to become POTUS.  FDR also knew that those plans were dashed with the termination of his ambassadorship to the UK.  The totally blown-out-of-proportion reasons for that dismissal were simply to serious for JPK, Sr. to ever overcome by Khazarian design.

Henceforth, JPK Sr. would project his exceedingly strong POTUS ambitions on his eldest son Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.

What happened next can only be properly understood in the context of who FDR really was.  Honestly, what POTUS could ever win 4 successive terms … unless they were the perfect puppet of the Khazarian Cabal.  As follows:

This conviction was reinforced by Col. Curtis Dall’s book, “FDR: My Exploited Father-in-Law” (1970). Dall, who was married to Franklin Roosevelt’s daughter Anna, spent many nights at the White House and often guided FDR around in his wheelchair. He was also a partner at a Wall Street brokerage.

Dall maintained a family loyalty but could not avoid several disheartening conclusions in his book. He portrays the legendary president not as a leader but as a “quarterback” with little actual power.

The “coaching staff” consisted of a coterie of mostly Jewish handlers (“advisers” like Louis Howe, Bernard Baruch and Harry Hopkins) who represented the international banking cartel. For Dall, FDR ultimately was a traitor manipulated by “World Money” and motivated by conceit and personal ambition.

FDR’s main perfidy was suppressing information about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, at the cost of almost 3,000 lives. He did this because the bankers needed US involvement in WWII, something 85% of Americans opposed. The Japanese had instructions to call off the attack if they lost the element of surprise.[1]

The preceding excerpt presents only one odious act of treason deliberately carried out by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  There are, in fact, several other acts of profound betrayal which occurred during his 12 plus years in the Oval Office, all of which were coerced or compelled by his secret Khazarian masters.

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