“If people knew what was coming down the pike, which the US government has known for decades…..”


from State Of The Nation:

This is the primary reason for the utterly absurd CO2 driven Climate Change and Global Warming narratives

SOTN Editor’s Note: To all of our great readers, please read this introduction to the video posted below very carefully.  Then you will comprehend why the most important environmental truths and scientific facts and mundane realities about our Solar System have been so fastidiously covered up throughout our lifetimes.  And, why the New World Order globalist cabal has relentlessly and quite insanely pushed both the CO2-driven Global Warming and Climate Change.

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The Power That Be are now beyond desperate to cover up the true causes of the many obvious Earth changes and alarming climate shifts occurring worldwide.  Yes, DARPA has been chemical geoengineering the skies worldwide for several decades which has produced massive volumes of greenhouses gases, especially water vapor—the most prevalent GHG.  Likewise, both land-based and satellite-based “HAARPs” have been pumping billions of watts of energy into the ionosphere for years   However, every single move the governments make in this regard, irrespective of how severe the atmospheric impacts, is designed to DIVERT OUR ATTENTION from the elephant in the room as described below.
This is also the reason why TPTB so brazenly and recklessly and hurriedly rolled out the weaponzied Covid ‘vaccines’.  By purposefully drugging and chipping as many inhabitants of planet Earth as quickly as possible, they were able to create a rudimentary “Global Control System & Matrix” from which to expedite their agenda of transhumanism.  In so doing, the COVID-19 injections, 5G power grids, chemtrail aerosols and smartphone society all work together in a concerted fashion to keep everyone on the NWO reservation when the Earth changes start to accelerate.

Even the totally insane Ukraine War was provoked as yet another HUGE distraction from the upcoming Earth changes.  What better way to completely captivate the world community of nations than to threaten the entire planetary civilization with the specter of a nuclear war between superpowers whose fallout would spare no continent.  The degree to which Russia has already been militarily attacked and economically sanctioned and financially terrorized and politically assaulted can only be explained by this video, particularly when the risk is nothing short of a truly apocalyptic World War III.

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