America’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ Is Like Mao’s Propaganda


by Rob and Andrew, America Outloud:

They don’t know much about America, but Gen Zers and Xers hate it. To them, America is the worst place to live. Never mind the fact that they have never lived anywhere else other than America.

A country that has and will give them the most incredible opportunities because of their birthright. When Gen Zers and Xers were born, they hit the jackpot. Illegals are storming our borders, trying to get here and get a taste of what they have, but these pampered, clueless millennials don’t even realize it.


They have become indoctrinated by left-wing propaganda of the Democrat party to think they are oppressed and the country is bad. Eventually, they will rise to power, knowing nothing about anything. This is dangerous, and Xi Van Fleet, who was born in China, and now lives in America, sees parallels between Gen Zers and Xers and the Red Guard in China.

Van Fleet recently shared her thoughts with the hosts of After Dark and Heather Robinson, of the New York Post, on the similarities she sees taking place inside America and the Cultural Revolution that took place in China under Mao Zedong in 1966. She said the chaos that ensued following the aftermath of the George Floyd murder in 2020 was very reminiscent of the events that unfolded in Communist China.

She compared Antifa and BLM rioters (who she calls the Blue Guards) to the Red Guard in China. She said, in both cases, the group was made of uninformed young people, who had been indoctrinated in schools and universities to hate their country.

The Cultural Revolution under Mao not only attacked education but the family, law and order, and the media.

The family was attacked with the belief that children belong to Mao and his government. This is equivalent to what Democrats and Joe Biden believe when he said, “Our nation’s children are all our children.”   

Law enforcement was dismantled in China and replaced with the Red Guard (radicalized young people), the same way Democrats have defunded the police in many cities across the nation. This has created a complete breakdown of law and order, with Antifa and BLM seemingly replacing them.

While Mao’s Communist Party controlled every aspect of the media, which reinforced his messaging, in America, the mainstream media on the left parrots the Biden Administrations’ messaging and provides cover.

Finally, there is the religious aspect. Van Fleet said Christianity was completely destroyed in China and is currently under attack in America.

While things look bleak in America, Van Fleet said there is always hope. She said we must fight back with our family and our faith ⏤ churches.

Xi Van Fleet describes herself as “Chinese by birth; American by choice, survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, defender of liberty.” She was born in China, lived through the Cultural Revolution, and was sent to work in the countryside at the age of 16. After Mao’s death, she was able to go to college to study English and has lived in the United States since 1986. In 2021, she delivered a school board speech in Loudoun County, Virginia, against Critical Race Theory that went viral and ignited national conservative media attention. She now devotes her time and energy full time to warning about the parallels between Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China and what’s unfolding in America today. Since going public with her message, Xi Van Fleet has appeared on Fox News, Newsmax, and radio shows and podcasts across the country.

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