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Dave Collum Goes Deep On “Conspiracy Theories”: 9/11, Epstein, Pizzagate, JFK, & The Vegas Shooting

from ZeroHedge:

Cornell professor, and long-time Zero Hedge friend, David Collum recently appeared on an episode of the Quoth the Raven podcast to talk all things conspiracy. Collum is an economic commentator, chemist, Betty R. Miller Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University and is known for writing his “Year in Review”, which appears here on Zerohedge at the end of every year.

On the episode, host Chris Irons notes that Collum’s appearance was prompted by a recent Tweet he put out, in defense of being a conspiracy theorist which sparked a massive social media response and outpouring of reactions, both pro and con.

Trump, JFK, and the Deep State: Part Q

by Jack Ravenwood, Unz:

We are now at year 55 since the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. This defining event of the Baby Boomer generation still looms large over the American nation, ever finding new ways to stay relevant to contemporary events.

There have been two significant developments during the Trump presidency. First was Trump’s tweet in October 2017 saying that he would declassify all the remaining JFK files that the government is still withholding. I and many others who are interested in the JFK investigation were hopeful that this would happen, as I wrote in March of that year. While Trump’s supporters cheered and took it as further confirmation of Trump’s anti-establishment bona fides, the claim unfortunately turned out to be false. More than 15,000 records remain withheld, including some of the most important records that researchers have been waiting for, such as those on CIA man George Joannides.

“JFK, The CIA And Mainstream Media Deception”


by Patrick J. McShay, State of the Nation:

“The committee believes, on the basis of evidence presented to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy. The committee is unable to identify the other gunmen or the extent of the conspiracy”
— House Select Committee on JFK’s assassination after determining that a shot has come from the Grassy Knoll (1976)

“I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds”
— President John F. Kennedy

Donald Trump’s decision to release the JFK assassination documents hidden from the public for the last 54 years will hopefully shed light on areas of the conspiracy that until now researchers had been unsure of due to a CIA/government-coordinated campaign of media disinformation and cover-ups. Thanks to the work of some excellent journalists, some deathbed confessions and various leaked documents over the years, we have a pretty good idea today what happened so long ago in Dallas to a President who wasn’t suppose to win and was hated by our controllers as much as President Donald Trump. The recent release of documents shows that the CIA openly funded terrorism and worked with the Mafia to carry out assassinations for the government. So really, nothing much has changed. I believe that understanding the Kennedy assassination is important for every American today because we are still controlled by psychopaths just like we were in 1963, and we need to be vigilant.

John Kennedy’s father was the son of a Boston businessman and politician, married to the Mayor of Boston’s daughter, became a successful Hollywood Producer, a bootlegger, a smuggler, and the Ambassador to England in the years leading up to WWII. After the war, he was determined to have one of his sons become President. During his time as ambassador in England before the war, Joe Kennedy became good friends with Neville Chamberlain, England’s Prime Minister. Kennedy and Chamberlain discussed the real power behind the countries on both sides of the Atlantic such as the International Bankers and their Central Banking system, as well as the secret societies, Europe’s Black Nobility and other dark agendas of the globalist elite.

Through Chamberlain’s tutelage, Kennedy began to understand that despite America’s isolationism, the global bankers would have their war and by hook or by crook America would be dragged into a war that FDR had sworn to voters he would keep us out of. What Kennedy probably didn’t know is that while FDR was promising to keep us out of the war which over 90{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of Americans opposed, he was working behind the scenes with Churchill and the bankers to bring us into the war. It has since been proven that Roosevelt was made aware of the impending attack on Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen in order for the US to be deceived into entering the war. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, public opinion quickly changed and soon recruiting offices were bustling. Historians have known about this heinous deception for decades and have kept it hidden from the public.

Chamberlain’s famed calls for appeasement were quickly drowned out by calls for war and he resigned. Kennedy, who felt an obligation to keep our boys from dying in an unnecessary war for the international banker’s was fired by FDR. Japan’s military was financed by Rothschild emissary Jacob Schiff’s Kuhn and Loeb bank, one of the oldest firms on Wall Street. Schiff’s Rothschild bank was also behind the Bolshevik Revolution and a major player in the machinations that led to World War I.

The Bush family patriarch Prescott Bush was one of seven directors of Union Banking Corp, a New York investment bank owned by the German industrialist, Fritz Thyssen, an early supporter of Adolph Hitler and a major supporter of the Nazi Army. Union Bank was later seized by the Federal government. Prescott Bush got a slap on the wrist in the same way that Hillary Clinton is being protected today. The crowd that killed Kennedy is the same crowd that hates Trump and will not stop until he is out of the way.

Prescott Bush, George H.W.Bush, and George W. Bush were all tapped for membership in the secret society of the Skull and Bones at Yale University. Daddy Bush appears to have joined the CIA in the years shortly after World War II, much earlier than his biographers would have us believe. The Bay of Pigs operation was code-named “Zapata,” the same as Bush’s Houston company Zapata Oil. The names of the transport ships used in the operation, named by Bush were the “Houston” and the “Barbara J.”

Tucker Carlson had a disappointing segment on his show recently featuring so-called JFK expert Larry Sabato from the University of Virginia. Sabato is either a disinformation shill for the elite or a complete moron who has clearly spent no time seriously studying the event. He dismisses reports that Oswald worked for the CIA, despite the evidence and testimony from people who knew him. Nothing to see here. thanks for nothing Larry.

I am mostly disappointed in Tucker Carlson though. Tucker should be ashamed for airing garbage like the Sabato interview and being so ignorant of the facts of the case. How could he have on a putz like Sabato when someone like Jim Fetzer is available? I wouldn’t trust any network that features hack authors like Gerald Posner spinning their lone gunman fantasies.

Enough evidence now exists to know beyond any reasonable doubt that there was a vast plot to murder Kennedy that involved the US Military, the CIA and a number of very rich and powerful men including Vice President Lyndon Johnson. Jack Ruby said that the public will never know the truth because the people behind the assassination were in high positions of power.

Oswald joined the Louisiana Air Patrol when he was 15 and was under the supervision of David Ferrie, a longtime CIA Operative and pilot later suspected of involvement in the Kennedy assassination and portrayed by Joe Pesci in the movie JFK. Ferrie was also a private detective who had an office in mobster Carlos Marcello’s attorney’s office. Marcello was also a suspect in the plot to kill Kennedy.

Also in the Air Guard unit reporting to Ferrie, and who has been found in pictures with he and Oswald was Barry Seal, infamous CIA pilot and government drug smuggler currently being portrayed by Tom Cruise in the not so true movie “American Made.” Seal’s real story is far more interesting than this Hollywood farce. Seal also joined the Air Guard at 15 and was flying weapons to freedom fighters on dangerous night flights to Cuba for the CIA when he was still in high school.

Most of the young men in the Air Patrol transitioned into the military or in Seal’s case and others, recruited into the CIA. Pilots would be in big demand at the Agency in the ensuing years and Seal was one of the best. Seal would also play a role in the Kennedy assassination as the pilot and member of an elite assassination team known as Operation 40, suspected of killing the President.

Operation 40 was said to have been assembled by George H.W. Bush himself and included several known hit men and operatives, including Frank Sturgis, a longtime CIA operative, and assassin who would later be arrested as one of the Watergate burglars. Another Operation 40 member who was a known associate of Frank Sturgis, Jose Perdomo, would surface in 1980 as the doorman and chief accuser of John Lennon’s so-called killer Mark David Chapman.

As a young woman, Marita Lorentz began an affair with Fidel Castro and was subsequently recruited into the CIA where Frank Sturgis became her handler. Lorentz often times worked with members of Operation 40 and she believed Oswald to be a member of the group. She also said that Jack Ruby knew members of the group and met with several of them in the days before the assassination. Sturgis is believed to be the shooter that fired the shot from the intersection of the triple underpass from an above ground sewer opening that blew out the back of Kennedy’s head.

Operation 40 also boasted Porter Goss, future Congressman, and Director of the CIA, Felix Rodriguez longtime operative, a friend of Daddy Bush and the man who is credited with tracking down and killing Che Guevara. Orlando Bosch, another friend of Daddy Bush, known as “Doctor Death and Luis Posada Carriles, who, along with Oliver North, would later receive Presidential pardons from Bush for their crimes during Iran Contra. Guillermo Novo Sampol was convicted of murdering Chilean diplomat Orlando Letellier whose car blew up in Washington D.C. The verdict against Sampol was quickly overturned with the help of his friends in high places in D.C.

E. Howard Hunt, one of the most infamous of CIA operatives in the agency’s history and more than likely the on-site supervisor, after years of denial, would finally admit being in Dallas that day and to his involvement in the Kennedy assassination to his son on his deathbed. He told his son that LBJ gave the order to the CIA hit team and helped guide the cover-up. Other known CIA killers involved that day include David Morales, who along with Felix Rodriguez, tracked and killed Che Guevara.

He was one of Hunt’s guys and no doubt a senior member of the operation. Morales was a legendary figure at the CIA and often drunkenly boasted of his involvement in the JFK hit as well as the assassination of Robert Kennedy, where he was identified along with at least 2 other known CIA killers who were in the room at the Roosevelt Hotel when RFK was killed.

Hunt referred to Morales as a cold-blooded killer who took the toughest assignments. Another of Hunt’s guys, a close associate of Morales, and believed to have been positioned as a spotter in the Dal-Tex building was Nestor Izquierdo. Izquierdo was trained as an assassin and was part of a Cuban hit squad led by Morales. Another known CIA asset later seen in photos on November 22nd in Dealey Plaza was longtime Morales associate, Rip Robertson, possibly another spotter for the shooters who clearly caught JFK in a well-planned crossfire. Morales even boasted to his attorney of his participation in the assassination and once told a fellow operative he wasn’t afraid of the authorities catching up with him, rather, he was afraid of other spooks coming for him because he knew too much.

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JFK, CIA, Mafia And Fidel Castro – Trump Can Finally Allow The Truth to Emerge From The Shadows


by John Lee, via Lew Rockwell:

Top secret files are due to be declassified this month in a move that could bring closure to one of the most traumatic events in US history – the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

A law was signed by former President George H.W. Bush in 1992 mandating the release of all documents related to Kennedy’s assassination within 25 years. Under the JFK Records Act of 1992, the National Archives has until 26 October of this year to disclose the remaining files relating to the assassination, unless President Trump determines that doing so would be harmful to national security. There are about 3,100 files still sealed by the National Archives.

Most right-thinking people would like to see the files released, to put an end to the constant speculation about the death of one of history’s most iconic politicians.

There is a smaller group, who enjoy vast, outlandish, unproven mysteries that would like to see the files remain locked up. This would allow the morbid supposition to continue.

Was there a conspiracy to kill the US President in 1963? No verifiable proof has been produced to contradict the official version of what happened on 22 November 1963, that lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy, who was in an open top limousine, from a window of the Dallas Book Depository building. Oswald was a US Marines trained marksman, but still, it was some deadly shooting with a $21 mail-order rifle.

On 24 November, live on TV, police led Oswald through the basement of the Dallas Police Station. A large man with a fedora steps forward and shoots a single bullet into Oswald, and we hear the dying man shout in pain.

Of course, it is possible Jack Ruby was a madman who was overtaken by patriotic vengefulness. The fact that Ruby, a nightclub owner, had mob connections and police contacts shot an assassin so publicly immediately raised incredulity.

The Warren Commission was set up in the wake of the Dallas events by President Lyndon Johnson to investigate. Wanting to quickly calm a nation that was entering a period of unprecedented upheaval the commission promptly decided to ratify the lone gunman theory.

However, the House Select Committee on Assassinations, in 1978 concluded in a preliminary report that Kennedy was “probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy,” that may have involved multiple shooters and organized crime. The findings of both investigations have been contested.

It would require a vast conspiracy to cover-up the involvement of other parties.

The Kennedys were at the center of a web of bizarre and extra-legal alliances in the early sixties. The Cold War was in its fifteenth year by the time John Kennedy was elected President in 1960. Morbid fear of imminent nuclear war and congressional star chambers driven by the alcoholic Joe McCarthy (a close family friend of the Kennedys) had pushed the US establishment to a deep paranoia.

John Kennedy was the first Irish Catholic to be elected to the high office, and he ran his administration like any good Irish boy should – it was a family business. Brother Bobby was installed at the Justice Department. The two glamorous Democratic poster boys were, in fact, hardnosed Cold War warriors and rabid anti-Communists. Communist leader Fidel Castro had, in 1959, installed his regime in Cuba, 90 miles off Florida and the Kennedys immediately set about removing him, by any means necessary.

The plotting began with the Dwight Eisenhower government almost immediately after the 1959 revolution. In 1961, Cuban exiles, with the backing of Kennedy and the US government, tried to overthrow Castro in the Bay of Pigs debacle. The plan was to assassinate Fidel and Raúl Castro along with Che Guevara. On the day President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, an agent was sent on a mission to kill Castro.

Yet the plotting against Castro was carried out under four US presidents, and only Kennedy was murdered.

Previously released CIA files show the Agency was, incredibly, in league with the Mafia in plotting some of the 600 attempts on Castro’s life.

One file even indicates Robert Kennedy saying he was “angry” when he found out. But he didn’t call a halt to this unholy alliance.

Sam ‘Momo’ Giancana, who was later shot dead, was one of those gangsters involved in the Cuba plots. There were alleged connections between the Kennedy brothers’ father Joseph P Kennedy and mobsters including the notorious psychopath Giancana. Giancana also sharing mistress, Judith Exner, with JFK. Giancana and JFK shared a friendship with the legendary singer Frank Sinatra. I could go on, but I am already digressing significantly.

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JFK, Trump, and Camelot


by Gary North, via Lew Rockwell:

If Trump was ever sincere, his election has proven that one person simply cannot fight this corrupt system, this horrid swamp. Trump the reformer, the unlikeliest of knights in shining armor, is gone. The renegade billionaire striking fear into the heart of the establishment lasted a brief shining moment, like Camelot. — Donald Jeffries

These are the concluding words of an article listing Donald Trump’s sellouts since January 20, 2017. There have been a lot of them.

I think he is correct about his association of Trump with Camelot. Trump is a lot more like Camelot then Jeffries imagines.


We associate Jack Kennedy’s presidency with the 1960 musical that was totally mythical: Camelot.

Why do we do this? What possible connection does the presidency of John F. Kennedy have to King Arthur?

We do it because Jackie Kennedy was one of the great PR masters of the 20th century. Shortly after the assassination, she saw an advantage like only one other in American political history: the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln became mythic in retrospect. It was fake news at its most implausible, but it worked.

She literally designed the whole campaign to connect her husband’s presidency with a mythical King Arthur, taking advantage of the enormous popularity of the musical.

It took 50 years for this story to become public. It still is not well known, but here are some mainstream media articles that tell the story. See herehere, and here.

The posthumous legend of JFK was entirely mythical. It was tacked on top of a musical that was entirely mythical. The musical was tacked on top of a book that was entirely mythical. The book that was entirely mythical was based on one of the most popular literary myths in English literature. Virtually nothing is known of Arthur.

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