War, Dem Division, Vote Fraud, Tanking Economy and CV19 Kill Shots


by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

We start 2024 the same way we ended it–with five unstoppable trends.  War on all fronts are increasing.  From the Middle East to China, big trouble is brewing with no way to divert all-out war.

The Democrats continue to be deeply divided, and one big wedge issue is mass illegal immigration.  Black voters are taking the brunt of this abuse, and many vow to vote Republican, and that means Trump 2024.

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A big case was won by “True the Vote” (TTV) that shows you can question vote fraud that makes for a crooked election.  In this case, Georgia, where the Biden DOJ sued because of revelations uncovered about voter fraud.  They wanted to suppress this.  TTV uncovered how the 2020 election was full of votes that should not have been counted.  The left framed the investigation as some sort of voter suppression, but the only thing that was suppressed was the truth about a stolen election.  One of the many frauds in Georgia was 67,000 votes came from ineligible voters in an election decided by less than 12,000 votes.  Meanwhile, President Trump released his summary of election fraud in the five battleground states he lost after being way ahead on election night.  It’s stunning proof of fraud.

The economy is breaking, and this year got off to a terrible start.  More than 400 companies are planning on laying off workers, interest rates are not going down and the USA has a record $34 trillion in debt to finance.  We are headed into the Greatest Depression ever right alongside the greatest war ever, too.

Another week and more CV19 vax murders passed off as no big deal, but people are waking up.  The latest wake-up call comes from Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo.  Dr. Ladapo is ordering the complete stoppage of CV19 mRNA vaccines in his state.  Why may you ask?  Dr. Ladapo says, “There is no clinical trial showing that it is a safe product for people.”  Many doctors also say the CV19 shots did not help a single person, and the ingredients are “intentionally toxic.”  The CV19 shots are intended to hurt and kill people.  There is no longer any debate on this point.

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