Thousands of Schools at Risk of Closing Due to Massive Drop in Enrollment


by Mike LaChance, The Gateway Pundit:

Thousands of schools in the United States are at risk of closure due to a severe drop in enrollment in recent years.

The pandemic was one of the worst things to happen to public education in years and the teacher unions and Democrats made it even worse by repeatedly postponing the reopening of schools. Many parents were also horrified to discover the woke content that is being taught.


Across the country, people found alternatives in home schooling, private schools and charter schools.

FOX News reports:

Thousands of schools risk closure due to ‘massive’ enrollment loss: new report

A new report shows that thousands of school districts risk closure due to “massive” enrollment loss.

The warning stems from an analysis of national enrollment data by the Brookings Institution and some reporting from The 74.

Their analysis came after Brookings researchers found a decline in elementary and middle school enrollment, a one-fifth loss of their enrollment.

“Enrollment declines are everywhere,” Brookings Institution fellow Sofoklis Goulas said. The report also noted Jackson Public Schools voted to close 11 schools and merge two of them. Some of these schools saw a loss of 30% or more of their students since 2018.

Plenty of school districts saw decreases similar to that of Jackson Public Schools, the report states, and that number more than doubled between 2019 and 2021.

The report explained further that the decline is projected to continue throughout the decade and that Oregon, New Mexico and West Virginia are among the states expected to see an enrollment decline “at least another 10%.”

It’s happening all over.

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