WHO Authorizes ‘Emergency Use’ Of New COVID Vax At Same Time As Reports That ‘Mysterious Pneumonia’ Now Spreading Across Europe – WHO Rushing To Consolidate Medical Tyranny


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

Don’t say that we didn’t warn you. With a new story over at the Daily Mail (saved here at archive) titled Is China’s ‘mystery pneumonia’ sweeping Europe? Netherlands sees alarming surge in similar illness among children – as terrifying video shows hazmat-clad workers in China disinfecting schools warning that a ‘striking’ number of mysterious pneumonia cases have been sweeping the Netherlands, with most of those being struck by the ‘illness’ between the ages of 5 and 14, we’ve warned numerous times over the last several weeks that the globalists were prepping ’round 2′ in their genocidal-dash to worldwide medical tyranny and we’re watching that unfolding before our eyes.

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Reporting that the number of cases of what they called a ‘life threatening disease’ have been soaring since August but that “It is not at all clear when this outbreak started, as it would be unusual for so many children to be affected so quickly,” take note that the story also reports that China isn’t the least bit shy about what they blame for this latest ‘outbreak;’ they attribute it to lifting lockdown restrictions.

Also reporting that “similar patterns have been seen worldwide as measures brought in to reduce the spread of Covid — such as face masks, social distancing and lockdowns — interrupted the spread of typical seasonal viruses,” it looks like they’re getting ready to drop the hammer upon us once again, at least upon the people of China and most likely, Europe to follow. And then the USA, just in time for the 2024 election. And might these cases of ‘mysterious pneumonias‘ really be even MORE side effects of ‘the vax,’ with the globalists rushing out the ‘safe to vax the kids’ lies worldwide at the same time?

With them once again pumping out the ‘state propaganda’ in leaps and bounds, and US having STILL not gotten ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ about the last ‘scamdemic,’ we’ll agree completely with this new story over at Infowars that Steve Quayle linked to on his website Wednesday morning titled “It’s time to hang the genocidal bastards!”

But as Steve warned us in an SQnote while linking to that story, those ‘genocidal bastards’ are the ones who control the governments and the court systems, so ‘fair trials’ will NEVER be allowed as there is no one to enforce them. So we can guarantee we’ll see them going out and carrying out even more crimes of genocide in the days, weeks and months ahead as they race to crush and destroy us all.

Despite the fact that according to recent data regarding the Covid vaccine rollout, roughly 20 million people were killed and roughly 2 billion were injured and barely anything has been done to those responsible who became billionaires overnight profiting from the cold-blooded murder of our loved ones,  as we had reported in this November 27th ANP story, according to Dr. Peter McCullough, a world renown cardiologist, EVERYONE who got vaxxed now has a damaged heart.

And as we’ll explore within the next section of this story below, all of these ‘plandemics’ only benefit global eugenicists like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, ‘big pharma’ and the ‘World Health Organization’ all of the way, while quite literally ‘enabling’ ALL of the aforementioned to increase their fortunes by multitudes by carrying out the mass murders of others while at the very same time, a fully tyrannical global government, fully prepared to use deadly force upon ‘the people,’ is hammered into place.

As SHTFPlan reports in this recent story, the strong and seemingly ever-present links between global eugenicists, the World Health Organization, ‘big pharma,‘ the ‘military industrial complex-deep state conglomerate’ and government’s all over the world are undeniable and a dire threat to humanity.

Using the Hegelian Dialectic as we’d reported in this October 21st of 2022 story, going out and ‘creating’ the pathogens that cause illnesses, causing the ‘people’ of the world to ‘demand‘ some kind of ‘solution‘ from the so-called ‘health authorities,’ a ‘solution‘ that, as we saw during COVID, was really no ‘solution‘ at all.

As we all saw in the COVID-19 jabs, the so-called ‘solution’ was really something that created even MORE problems! And as we see in this new story from Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, they’re doing it once again, with the World Health Organization just authorizing the ’emergency use’ of the Novavax Protein-Based COVID-19 vaccine. Which leads us to ask, do they know of some ‘emergency‘ involving COVID that we don’t know? They’re clearly setting us up for that hammer to drop.

And as this SHTFPlan story warns, they’ll use this to inflict even more medical tyranny upon the planet every day until they accomplish their mission; a global dictatorship.  From the SHTFPlan story.:

Intended to form part of international law, preparations for the creation of a World Health Organization (“WHO”) Pandemic Treaty or Pandemic Accord began in 2001. 

Far from strengthening the prevention of, preparedness for, and response to future pandemics as the latest draft of the text claims, its implementation could severely undermine government’s by limiting their ability to make crucial healthcare decisions in the best interests of their citizens. 

Aided by proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations of 2005, the Treaty threatens to transform the WHO into a global health dictatorship

The pandemic treaty also dramatically expands WHO’s areas of interest. Through what it terms a “One Health approach,” the global body now intends to be able to make decisions in health matters related to animals, ecosystems, and the environment. The treaty specifically refers to “taking action on climate change,” for example. Several observers have suggested that with these extended powers, WHO could potentially declare an environmental or climate emergency and enforce lockdowns

Given the global body’s close links to Bill Gates and the pharma industry and the hundreds of millions of dollars in annual funding it receives from them, there is a growing worldwide recognition that this looming power grab represents a fundamental threat to freedom. At the very least, the increasing transfer of powers to WHO raises important questions regarding national sovereignty and personal liberty. 

Ultimately, if its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that WHO has sold its soul to corporate interests and cannot be trusted to make important decisions on global health. It is surely in all of our interests to demand that our national lawmakers do not sign away the sovereignty that the WHO is seeking.

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