One Million Dead Gazan Children Is Not Nearly Enough to Satiate America’s Blood Lust


by Declan Hayes, Strategic Culture:

This article throws strategic structural light on the much greater war crimes the ongoing genocide in Gaza will lead to in the coming months and how a Chinese brokered Westphalian solution is the only feasible way out of the morass Mad Joe Biden’s crackpots have us all bogged down in. It does this by arguing within the well-defined parameters of the principles, practices & frameworks of warfare informed commentators from Clausewitz onwards have so eloquently spelled out for us.


First off, though, a salute to the fallen, to those innocent young children Israel has recently massacred on such an industrial level that it evokes well deserved comparisons to the Nakba, Sabra & ShatilaFu’ah & Kafriya and all the other worst chapters in NATO’s recent rampages. I salute the tweet which informed me of one young martyr, who, before his murder, had hoped to have a successful gaming channel but now, since his martyrdom, his followers have grown from the 1,000 he had in life to more than 1,000,000 evidence, if such were needed, that good hearts beat in gamers, as they do in most others. Before moving on to analysing where we all now stand, I would just like to comment that that tweet, like so many others, saluted those fallen angels and their families much more eloquently than I can ever hope to do and I thank them most sincerely and humbly for that.

However, as I said in a recent article, we must endure so that we may overcome these NATO inspired anti Christs that walk amongst us. And though I will go all Biblical on this, because Finian Cunningham’s recent article showed that war criminal Netanyahu is pulling that stunt, so we must also go down into the intellectual sewers after him and root him and his fellow gangsters out like the craven crooks that they are.

And make no mistake, crooks are what they are, and this current genocide is as much fuelled by the efforts of the Netanyahu and Biden organised crime families to defer their own days of reckoning on racketeering charges as it is by the manifest destiny of America and Israel to follow their Which Path to Persia policy of burying the Middle East in a sea of dead children’s bodies.

Not only is this genocide a long standing central plank in America’s long term plans of destroying the Middle East but Chapter 5 of that paper, Leave it to Bibi: Allowing or Encouraging an Israeli Military Strike, specifically spells out how and why America encourages Netanyahu to commit monstrous war crimes such as this.

There is, in short, nothing new or novel in this Gazan Slaughter of the Innocents. All that is new is that Israel, cheered on by the United States, has once more upped the ante, cock sure in itself that America and her minions in the European Union, in the International Criminal Court and in the world’s media will once again absolve Israel of any wrong.

If you and I feel angry about this, we are far from alone. Paddy Cosgrove has had to relinquish his high profile Web Summit position to some NATO asswipe simply because he thinks genocide is not kosher and the concerned citizens of Dagestan are in hot water because they took, however imperfectly, a stand.

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