from State Of The Nation:

Just like 9/11 and the Covid Plandemic were both long planned and highly organized false flag operations as well as terrorist attacks conducted as global psyops, so too is Israel’s 10/7.

Only 10/7 is the final piece of the current phase of the New World Order implementation plan designed to set up the controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System as a precursor to the Great Reset.

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Truly, it does not get any bigger than the transparently staged Hamas ‘surprise attacks’ carried out to push the entire Middle East into a regional war as a means of triggering a World War III scenario.

The following “Special Report” lays bare just how serious this rapidly unfolding situation really is.  It will serve every Patriot and Truth-seeker well to comprehend the true enormity and gravity of what is essentially a  “COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON”.

What’s absolutely critical to understand here is that Israel has completely torn off its mask.  In so doing, the Zionist State of Israel has exposed the original and reigning “Axis of Evil” to be the United States, United Kingdom and Israel.

This is exactly why the drug-addled, dementia-ridden POTUS imposter was criminally installed in the White House.  And why serial war criminal Bibi Netanyahu was installed by his Khazarian masters — again — in Tel Aviv.  And, why deceptive NWO globalist Rishi Sunak was stealthily shoehorned into the UK’s prime minister position.

In point of fact, the entire global geopolitical chessboard has been set up by the Khazarian Cabal for this very moment in time.  However, the actual outcomes are not going to be what has been predicted by many armchair prophets over the decades.  That’s because the well-concealed leadership of the cabal is defined by a ruinous marriage of delusional arrogance and debilitating ignorance.  And a quick scan here of all of THE KHAZARIAN TRIAD’s cataclysmic clusterf*cks carried out over the past 125 years proves just how criminally insane and psychopathic they really are: THE DARK TRIAD OF THE KHAZARIAN CABAL.

Despite their nefarious intentions to establish a One World Government conveniently headquartered in Jerusalem, there may not be an Israel when this whole thing is over.  Yes, the nakedly rogue Zionist state took off its mask, but only because it believes it has the raw military power to complete their preposterous Greater Israel project.  Clearly, the extremely stupid strategists in Tel Aviv grossly miscalculated as seen by world reaction to their egregious war crimes savagely committed against women and children, elderly and infirm throughout Gaza for over a month.

Much more importantly, however, the Israelis have fatally underestimated the sheer firepower of Iran and their allies.  Not only does Iran possess the most advanced weaponized drone technology on the planet, they also have missile capability that can transform Tel Aviv into a vitrified parking lot in a New York minute.  Similarly, Hezbollah can tie up the girlie men and women-boys in the IDF into a tangled mess of military miscalculations, misfires and misadventures for as long as they want to.  Talk about a Khazarian clusterf*ck but BY HIGHLY PURPOSEFUL DESIGN. (That, people is the key point of this ed. note which must be correctly understood by all people of conscience.)

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